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Disposal of medical gloves

Disposal of medical gloves is a requirement of sanitary and hygienic standards, according to which all medical waste should be processed by any methods that do not harm the ecosystem and people.

Medical gloves are special latex products (in most cases, although other materials can be used) that are used by medical staff to eliminate the possibility of infection during any manipulations with the patient (blood sampling, injections, dressings, etc.). These products belong to class Bi.e. hazardous waste potentially infected. In addition to medical institutions, latex gloves are used in dental and cosmetology offices, beauty salons, sanatoriums and dispensaries, veterinary clinics. According to the law, all these institutions are obliged to dispose of gloves after their use.

Why do you need to dispose of latex gloves

Medical personnel must wear gloves when contacting patients. They should not only eliminate the risk of infection of patients from possible infections and bacteria, but also provide a similar service to medical staff: to protect them from infection by pathogenic microorganisms with which patients are infected. As a result of the interaction of the medical staff with patients, some pathogens remain in the gloves used during the examination or medical manipulation. If they are not disposed of with subsequent disposal, pathogens can spread, causing epidemics. Some viruses and infections can cause serious illness, including tuberculosis, the plague, and others, if they enter a closed ground or air. At the same time for the population there is a high risk of death.

Disposal of used gloves

Gloves are disposed of according to the following rules:

  • gloves are used after the first use, after which they must be disposed of immediately (even if they were visually clean after the first use, they did not get dirt, blood and other biological fluids on their surface);
  • Store used gloves is allowed only in special containers that contain a disinfecting solution;
  • when transporting waste (medical gloves) are placed in special containers or packages (necessarily sealed) with a corresponding yellow marking, which indicates that this waste is dangerous;
  • before disposing of gloves, they are necessarily decontaminated by ionization, treatment with hot steam under pressure, etc .;
  • then waste is sorted (sterilization-resistant samples are sent to industrial landfills, and products that have the ability to accelerate decomposition are taken to landfills).

Gloves can be disposed of only by those companies that have a special permit for this, possess the necessary technology and relevant equipment.

What will happen to refuse to dispose of gloves

Since gloves are classified as medical waste class B, i.e. dangerous, failure to dispose of them faces administrative liability. For companies that conduct their business without registering as a legal entity, this threatens with an impressive fine or deprivation of the right to conduct their business for a period of 90 days. But do not forget about the epidemiological danger that can be caused by spontaneous release of potentially infected gloves, their burial without prior disposal.

You can avoid consequences only if you follow all the rules for disposing of medical gloves. Such services are provided by employees of the company "UtilVtorProm". For more information, pricing and terms of cooperation call the contact numbers or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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