Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Disposal of medical systems

Systems for intravenous administration of medical drugs belong simultaneously to two classes of danger - Б и В (hazardous and extremely hazardous waste). Only proper disposal of systems in compliance with generally accepted standards ensures the safety of the environment and human health.

Why recycle the system for intravenous medications

Depending on which drugs are used for intravenous administration, the systems fall directly into two hazard classes:

  • class B - hazardous waste potentially infected;
  • class B - especially hazardous waste that came in contact with patients diagnosed with extremely dangerous infectious diseases.

If harmful microorganisms even in a small amount get into the environment (air, soil, groundwater), this can trigger an epidemic, as a result of which all living things will be destroyed for kilometers around.

System Disposal Rules

Systems for the intravenous administration of medical products are subject to mandatory disposal by the method of burial, incineration or destruction by other methods, depending on the hazard class (B or C). But first you need to make them disinfected.

The utilization of the systems includes the following steps:

  • collection of waste in special containers or disposable bags with appropriate labeling;
  • transportation of waste to landfills or specialized sites for temporary storage, disinfection, destruction;
  • neutralization of systems that pose an epidemiological threat;
  • destruction of waste or its transportation to the place of burial.

A popular method of disinfection systems - chemical disinfection. For this, the devices are placed in special containers with disinfecting solution and left until the chemical treatment is completed. In addition, other methods using special equipment can be used to neutralize systems: autoclaves, microwave installations.

Punishment for refusing to dispose of systems

It is strictly forbidden to voluntarily dispose of used systems for the introduction of medical drugs. The dumping of potentially hazardous products, as well as their release in open areas is punishable by law. The offender will incur an administrative penalty, under which he will have to pay an impressive fine. For legal entities, the consequence of such a decision may be a temporary ban on the implementation of professional activities with all the ensuing consequences.

The correct solution in this case is to use the services of specialized companies that have not only a license for disinfection and disposal of systems, syringes, medical needles and other waste, but also all that is required for this:

  • effective technologies;
  • special equipment;
  • specialized sites (polygons);
  • related materials;
  • qualified staff;
  • extensive experience in holding such events.

The company "UtilVtorProm" provides services for the transportation and disposal of systems for intravenous administration of drugs and other wastes on favorable terms:

  • reasonable prices;
  • quick response to the application;
  • expeditious removal of utilities from the territory of your company;
  • Individual approach to each client.

We strictly follow all safety rules, and therefore you can be sure that your company’s waste will not harm the environment and people.

Contact the manager of the company to discuss all the details of cooperation. To do this, call the contact numbers or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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