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Utilization of mini-ATS

PBX - automatic telephone exchange, which is used inside organizations. Like any other subject of electronics, these devices, which have become unsuitable for use (broken, outdated), must be recycled. Utilization of mini-ATS solves the problem of environmental pollution, and also allows to obtain high-quality recyclable materials. You can order the service at UtilVtorProm.

Why dispose of a PBX?

When deciding on the utilization of a mini-PBX, each company must take into account that in this way it follows environmental safety standards and does not violate the law. For the unauthorized release of equipment that must be disposed of, the violator faces legal and administrative liability. The fine that will necessarily follow as a punishment is several times higher than the cost of the disposal service.

Modern PBXs, like other office equipment, are made from materials that are subject to recycling and can be reused (metal, plastic, rubber, and others). Thus, utilization of mini-ATS has a number of advantages, the main among which are high-quality secondary raw materials and environmental protection.

The use of secondary parts and materials is gaining popularity in the country. There are several reasons for this:

  • recyclables are many times cheaper;
  • processing of plastic and other artificial materials is cheaper than its production;
  • the production of new elements is always accompanied by the use of toxic substances.

With regard to environmental safety, recycling mini-PBX in the first place protects the environment from pollution. The main component of office equipment is plastic. It has a very long decomposition time, which sometimes amounts to tens or even hundreds of years. Poor quality material under the influence of various weather conditions (sun, water) and other external factors can begin to emit toxic substances that are used during the production of polymers. It also adversely affects the ecosystem.

If, instead of utilizing the mini-ATS, the equipment is simply thrown onto landfills, after a while there will be no clean areas on the ground, all the free sites will turn into dumps.

Features recycling mini-PBX

Provide disposal services for any household, medical and industrial waste, can only those companies that have the appropriate license. It also requires recycling technologies, specialized equipment and special sites or landfills for recycling.

Utilization of mini-ATS consists of several stages:

  • disassembly of equipment for components;
  • sorting of elements into toxic, safe, recyclable, useless;
  • detoxification of hazardous ingredients;
  • recycling;
  • destruction of components that cannot be reused (depending on the nature of the parts, methods of disposal, incineration, etc.) can be used.

If all work is performed according to generally accepted safety rules, the negative impact on the environment is reduced to zero.

Utilization of mini-ATS in "UtilVtorProm"

You can order the utilization of a PBX and other office equipment at UtilVtorProm. We provide a full range of work, from the collection and transportation of waste to its processing and destruction. All work is performed by qualified professionals.

Taking equipment for recycling, we issue a certificate of recycling to the company. This document allows you to avoid problems with the service of environmental safety, as it is a confirmation that the company operates within the legal framework. Thus, you will avoid administrative responsibility and you will surely know that you have contributed to the preservation of ecology on the planet.

If you have any questions, or you want to order the disposal of a mini-PBX, contact the company manager by phone or email. Contact details utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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