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Recycling and disposal of multifunction devices

MFP today conquer the market for computer equipment. Modern offices are equipped with devices that provide information exchange on paper. Daily load on the device leads to a gradual deterioration of internal parts. Disposal of multifunctional devices (MFPs) is an important measure to get rid of peripheral devices that have lost their relevance or failed.

The relevance of recycling multifunction devices

A multifunctional device is a peripheral device that performs the functions of outputting text or graphic information from electronic media to paper or other media, as well as a scanning image from solid media to an electronic file.

Peripheral equipment recycling services are most often ordered:

  • manufacturers of office equipment;
  • service centers for the repair of office equipment;
  • educational and medical institutions;
  • utility companies;
  • legal and private individuals.

The device, unsuitable for further operation, is subject to mandatory disposal.

Disposal rules and hazard rating for multifunction devices

The failed multifunction device is disassembled by engineers in special premises. Electronic boards and small nodes are freed from the soldered elements to the base of the PCB.

Today, two types of multifunctional devices are being used:

  • laser (printing is carried out by applying powder toner at high temperature);
  • inkjet (printing is carried out with water-soluble or pigment inks).

Received for recycling MFP in the first place freed from the contents of the cartridges. In a laser machine, toner represents a high degree of threat to human health. It can not be spilled on the premises. Microparticles of the powder due to the special magnetization attached to the villus of clothing, interior and fall on the mucous membranes. Toner causes serious damage to the internal organs. Ink cartridges of similar devices carry a similar hazard.

Plastic, metal and rubber fragments have a long decay period. Therefore, they are sorted and sent for recycling.

Multifunctional devices are shipped for dismantling by the transport of UtilVtorProm, which has a license to carry out a set of utilization measures. But on request, customers can themselves deliver their outdated equipment to the company's office.

Responsibility for refusing to dispose of multifunction devices

Most modern peripherals have an impressive size and weight. Sometimes it is impossible for one person to deliver a bulky device to the office of a recycling service. Therefore, it is decided to get rid of non-working equipment in a less troublesome way, throwing it out of the limits of its home.

Having appeared on a spontaneous dump of household waste or on an open ground, spare parts of the device begin to contact with environment, allocating in it dangerous products of disintegration. The microcircuits and the contents of the cartridges emit into the soil and air the following toxic substances:

  • cadmium;
  • mercury;
  • tin;
  • lead;
  • copper.

Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, precipitation and soil, the above elements enter into chemical reactions with the formation of new compounds that threaten the ecological situation.

The organization of recycling of the MFP has some features related to the characteristics of the decommissioned apparatus:

  • masses;
  • sizes;
  • availability of precious metals.

Loading, transporting and disassembling large devices into small units and components are carried out in the presence of an engineer from UtilVtorProm. At the same time, the rules for sorting spare parts that are not subject to secondary remelting are strictly observed. They are discharged into special furnaces, where at high temperatures and pressure complete destruction occurs.

Metal, plastic and ceramic fragments undergo a process of recycling, after which they can be used in the production of new devices for various purposes.

Responsibility for the refusal to dispose of multifunctional devices that are unsuitable for use rests with the heads of public and private companies, as well as private owners of devices. Office equipment is marked with the release of serial numbers of manufacturing companies. Thanks to this, it is possible to find out by whom and when the devices were purchased. At the enterprises, the department of labor protection is obliged to keep magazines, which record the measures for the disposal of non-working equipment.

How to apply for disposal of a multifunction device?

Price list for office equipment disposal services, system blocksscanners routers and other office equipment provides the manager "UtilVtorProm." You can contact him by phone as well as by mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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