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Mobile phone recycling

Mobile phone is no longer considered a luxury item. This is a means of communication. But with such a demand and a large selection of models of devices we should not forget that each of them has a limited lifespan. Utilization of mobile phones is a necessary measure to get rid of used communication devices.

The relevance of recycling mobile phones

Mobile recycling services most often ordered:

  • cell phone manufacturers;
  • mobile phone repair service centers;
  • private individuals.

A mobile phone that has lost its relevance or cannot be restored after a breakdown must be disposed of properly.

Mobile phone recycling rules

Unsuitable for further operation of the mobile phone recycle companies that have received the appropriate license.

When disposing of mobile phones, the specialists first of all neutralize the battery, because the chemical compounds that go beyond the body react with the environment and pose a danger to the human body.

Modern mobile devices are equipped with the following compounds:

  • plastic (45-50%);
  • copper (15-20%);
  • non-ferrous metals (15-20%);
  • rubber (5-10%);
  • glass ceramics (5-10%);
  • other alloys (5%).

The compounds of lead, lithium, chromium, which are part of the electronic boards and the battery of the phone, cause great harm to the environment. Being outside the hull even in small quantities, they poison the soil layer, groundwater and air, creating an unfavorable environmental background.

Plastic, metal and rubber fragments are removed from the apparatus and sent for recycling.

What is the threat of unutilized mobile phones?

Most enterprises dispose of failed mobile phones, delivering them to the recycling company on their own. However, it is possible to order the export of vehicles by the executor.

Disassembly of mobile phones into components that will not pose a danger to the environment is carried out by specialists of the company in the laboratory. At the same time, proper separation of fragments of the apparatus that are not recyclable is observed. They are destroyed in furnaces at high temperatures until complete destruction.

Parts containing precious and non-ferrous metals are melted down and can later be used in the manufacture of new devices of similar purpose.

Broken mobile phones must be disposed of. It is forbidden to send them to landfills, which are intended for the storage of household waste. Rechargeable batteries and electronic cards left in the phones pose a threat to the environment and human health.

Responsibility for the refusal to dispose of mobile communications, which have become unusable, rests with the management of public and private companies, as well as individuals - owners of devices. Mobile phones are labeled during production by an individual serial number. At enterprises, special journals are kept, which indicate the acceptance of equipment into operation and the subsequent accounting of the shipped devices for recycling.

How to place an order for the disposal of a mobile phone?

For information on the cost of services for the disposal of mobile phones, check with the manager of the company UtilVtorProm. You can contact him by phone or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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