Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Recycling and recycling modems

Sooner or later, you have to change old, outdated modems with new ones. In other words, from time to time modem recycling is necessary.

Consequences of improper disposal of modems

Many people believe that the old modem is enough to throw in the trash, and then it will be taken to a landfill, and that's all. This position is fundamentally wrong. The main reason why it is unacceptable to throw modems (like all other equipment and electronics) into the trash can is the irreversible harm to the environment. Being in a city dump, the equipment is constantly exposed to the sun, precipitation, temperature, and other environmental factors. Because of this, it gradually decomposes, releasing substances hazardous to humans and nature. Here are some of them:

  1. Methane. This gas is one of the main causes of global warming.
  2. Lead. It is a threat to human health and life.
  3. Cadmium. It is a threat to the environment and people.

Another reason for the need to dispose of modems - the fact that in their manufacture using precious metals, such as gold. Thus, throwing the device into a landfill, we together with them throw out a huge amount of money that could get into the state budget and go for the good of the country. According to statistical studies, every year on the planet about three hundred tons of gold contained in the worn-out electronics get into the trash. This is equivalent to ten billion dollars.

In addition, the legislation clearly regulates the utilization of modems, routers and other equipment. Thus, neglecting it, we are breaking the law and may incur punishment for it.

How are modems recycled?

The disposal process is performed as follows:

  1. Disassembly into parts. From the device you need to remove all the constituent elements. As a rule, this manipulation is performed manually.
  2. Sort parts by the type of material they are made of. For plastic elements there is also a sorting by color.
  3. Recycling according to material. Metal elements are melted immediately, the plastic is first finely crushed, and then melted. As for glass and electronic parts, they are subjected to refining, by which precious metals are extracted.
  4. Resulting from recycled materials are sent for use in industry.

All these processes are handled by UtilVtorProm specialists.

Advantages of recycling modems by UtilVtorProm specialists

The company "UtilVtorProm" carries out its activities, guided by the basic principle: to preserve the purity of the environment for an environmentally safe and comfortable stay. Therefore, modern high technologies are used here that make it possible to recycle and dispose of all waste from the first to the fourth hazard class. You can safely destroy even those wastes that cannot be disposed of and stored in landfills.

Each major city and administrative center of Ukraine has an office of UtilVtorProm, which makes it possible for everyone to use its services, regardless of where they live. If you doubt the correctness of the manipulations made with your modems or other wastes, you can personally be present at their disposal.

For recycling modems, phones, PBX and other office equipment, please call. You can also send an email to utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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    They never let me down. The main thing for us is timing. The task was to dispose of production waste. We stopped at this company. It was important for us to have a disposal license. It turned out that this is not the main thing. It's really convenient to work with you. Separate respect for the human attitude.


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    May 25, 2022, 12:30
    Hello. Found this site through a search. For reporting, you must have a license for waste disposal. The quality of services is at the highest level. Professional approach to waste disposal. I would like to recommend this company, everything is at the highest level.


  • Sofronov Nikita
    September 22, 2022, 09:36
    Thank you for the quick response and fast order fulfillment. We chose this company because it has a permit for disposal. We need documents for reporting, so we applied for recycling here. Happy to recommend this company to others.


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