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Utilization naphthalene

Naphthalene is widely used in everyday life and various fields of activity. This chemical product is known for its antiseptic properties, so it is used in surgical practice and in the treatment of various diseases. Also naphthalene is used in the chemical industry to produce dyes and explosives. Especially important is the competent and timely disposal of naphthalene, which cannot be used for its intended purpose.

In addition to useful components, naphthalene contains elements hazardous to humans and nature, therefore, waste of this raw material needs competent processing. Naphthalene disposal should be carried out by specialized companies that have a license and certificates for working with this kind of waste. You can order high-quality and efficient recycling of naphthalene-containing raw materials at UtilVtorProm. Recycling and disposal of waste is carried out by competent experts in compliance with all environmental safety rules. The availability of modern equipment and the use of advanced technologies guarantee the successful utilization of naphthalene without harm to the environment.

Danger of not using naphthalene

Despite its advantages, naphthalene is a hazardous chemical product that has an adverse effect on animals and humans. Getting into the tissues of the body, toxic substances gradually accumulate, which leads to disruption of the formation of red blood cells, bleeding, the appearance of cancer cells and tumor neoplasms.

Many enterprises that use naphthalene for production activities store, bury, or throw away waste. This leads to air pollution and disruption of the ecological balance. To protect natural resources and the public from exposure to hazardous substances, wastes that contain naphthalene must be disposed of in accordance with established requirements and standards.

How is naphthalene recycled?

Recycling of hazardous waste is carried out in several stages:

  • reception of raw materials;
  • waste sorting;
  • disposal of hazardous substances;
  • production and sale of raw materials for recycling;
  • neutralization of materials.

Naphthalene is recycled using advanced technologies in special conditions, which eliminates the likelihood of toxic substances in the environment. Regardless of the timing and volume of waste processing will be performed efficiently and quickly. UtilVtorProm has all the necessary certificates and licenses that allow the company to carry out its activities. After completion of the disposal measures, the specialists provide the customer with supporting documentation.

For more advice and ordering the disposal of naphthalene and other industrial waste (diesel fuel, electroplating waste etc.) send an email utilvtorprom@gmail.com or call phone managers. Specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" will answer any questions that interest you.

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