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Sodium lamp recycling

If you want to illuminate a large space, most often choose sodium lamps. They are characterized by high efficiency, availability and long service life. Sodium lamps provide good visibility in any weather, and therefore are often used for street lighting. Such lighting devices work due to the vapor of sodium, mercury and xenon, which are located in a special tube made of aluminum oxide. These are quite harmful and dangerous compounds, due to which sodium-based lamps are classified as hazard class one. Spontaneous disposal of sodium lamps is prohibited by law. Therefore, companies working with such lighting devices, turn for help to the company UtilVtorProm.

What is the danger of sodium lamps

Any lighting devices that contain toxic compounds (fluorescent, for solarium and so on) can harm the environment and human health. Proper disposal of sodium lamps involves the disposal of harmful components. If this is not done, toxins penetrate through the air, soil, water and food into the body, causing headaches and dizziness, and in high concentrations - nausea and vomiting, memory impairment, loss of strength, disruption of the excretory system. Ignoring the problem can lead to chronic poisoning, malfunction of the central nervous system.

Worst of all, the lamps contain mercury not in pure form, but its vapors. With mechanical damage to lighting devices, toxins cannot simply be collected, since they quickly spread in the air, penetrate into all objects in their path, including buildings and structures. Mercury compounds can be stored for decades, poisoning everything around.

Sodium lamp recycling

Sodium lamps can be disposed of in various ways, the essence of which boils down to the fact that first of all it is necessary to neutralize toxic substances and prevent them from entering the atmosphere. After that, previously separated useful components are transferred for recycling, and the disinfected compounds are destroyed.

For these purposes, the method of demercurization (using sorbents), the thermal vacuum method, the use of special “traps” and liquid nitrogen, as well as the reagent method, in which chemical agents are used as a binder, can be used.

The consequences of refusing to dispose of sodium lamps

Companies that use sodium lamps as part of their business cannot independently dispose of or recycle them. This requires a special permit, technology, special equipment, equipment, trained personnel and a site or landfill. However, spontaneously throwing lighting devices that contain sodium is unacceptable, it is punishable by law. Depending on the degree of damage inflicted, the offender faces either an impressive fine or a more serious punishment (up to imprisonment).

Specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" provide transportation services and lamp recycling and other industrial and household waste on favorable terms. Among them:

  • reasonable prices;
  • company employees have all the necessary equipment for the safe transportation of waste;
  • the conclusion of a formal contract for the execution of all works;
  • quality assurance of the services provided.

To find out more information or to conclude an agreement, please call or write to the mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com. Our managers will answer all the questions that interest you.

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