Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Recycling neutralizing acids

Many enterprises in the course of their activities are faced with acids. It can be both final and intermediate products, production wastes. For safety in chemical plants, primary acid neutralization is performed. This simplifies the storage of waste and its further transportation to organizations that deal with the disposal of waste neutralizing acids.

Professional Acid Neutralization Waste Disposal

Specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" provide services for the disposal of hazardous chemical compounds, chemical production wastes, residues of neutralizing acids and alkalis, chemical reagents. All these compounds pose a serious threat to the personnel of organizations, the environment, the environment. Therefore, in accordance with the law, they must be disposed of in compliance with regulations and safety requirements. Only licensed companies are engaged in solving this problem, because it is necessary to ensure a high level of safety both for the environment and for third parties.

How is the disposal of waste acid neutralization?

Our specialists use various methods of disposal (depending on the type and physico-chemical characteristics of industrial waste). In each case, a method is chosen that will ensure the most safe neutralization and disposal of waste. If it is possible and cost-effective, the neutralization products are recovered and / or restored to compounds suitable for secondary use and processing.

Why is the waste neutralization of acids necessary?

Disposal of hazardous chemical wastes is a mandatory legal requirement, the failure of which will bring large fines to enterprises. Therefore, companies operating in the chemical field, as well as having a large number of industrial waste, forced to solve this problem. Recycling is a complex process that requires the use of specialized equipment and the use of modern technology. Therefore, it is not possible to carry out its own efforts even at chemical plants.

Timely and competent disposal of waste neutralization of acids is necessary, because:

  • Most acids are corrosive compounds that can cause serious burns to humans.
  • Due to the chemical activity of the acid, they are able to react and form toxic compounds and salts.
  • The fumes of most acids are poisonous and can damage the mucous membranes and respiratory organs of humans and animals.
  • Once in the environment, acids and their waste cause the death of plants and animals.
  • Acids and their salts can accumulate in the soil, get into groundwater, poison vast territories and water basins.

The damage caused to the environment by acids and their salts can be irreparable, and the elimination of consequences will require much higher costs than competent disposal. Therefore, it is better to immediately entrust this task to professionals. Our specialists will undertake the full range of necessary work, ranging from the removal of hazardous waste from the territory of the enterprise, ending with their disposal, recycling and recycling. To contact the managers of the company "UtilVtorProm", call the numbers. To order the execution of services, you can also email our specialists utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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Recycling Acid Neutralization Waste in UtilVtorProm


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