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Disposal of fire extinguishers

Disposal of fire extinguishers - an event to get rid of obsolete fire safety products.

For large fires, they use more powerful devices and special equipment than a fire extinguisher, but in offices, car salons, and small industrial premises it will help to quickly cope with a sudden fire, not allowing the spread of fire.

Once a year, fire extinguishers are tested and recharged. So it can last for many years, but the casing and the mechanism for holding the contents under high pressure eventually become unusable. Thus, the question arises of disposal of a fire extinguisher.

The relevance of disposal of fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are differentiated by the method of operation:

  1. Automatic. Do not need the presence of a person. They are placed on areas of increased fire danger. The devices are equipped with temperature sensors that are triggered by a critical increase in ambient temperature.
  2. Hand held Activated by a person at the time of detection of fire.

Also, fire extinguishers are classified according to the principle of operation:

  1. Carbon Dioxide. Filled with carbon dioxide. Suppress fire on hard surfaces.
  2. Air foam. They are used to extinguish burning liquids and flammable materials.
  3. Powder. Used to extinguish burning devices that are under electrical voltage. They are also effective in suppressing fire on hard surfaces.
  4. Water mist. Used to suppress a wide area of ​​ignition of flammable liquids and solid surfaces.

Fire extinguishers can be mobile and stationary. This characteristic is directly dependent on the size and weight of the device. The smallest weighs from 0,5 kg to 1 kg. Usually such a weight have powder devices. Some fire extinguishers that are delivered by means of vehicles to the fire site have a weight up to 400 kg.

Services for the disposal of fire extinguishers most often ordered:

  • fire extinguisher manufacturers;
  • specialized centers for refueling fire extinguishers;
  • legal and private individuals.

A fire extinguisher that has lost its working capacity is subject to immediate disposal. It is forbidden to store the device unsuitable for further use in a domestic or workplace because it is a serious danger: the contents are inside the case under high atmospheric pressure with a critically low temperature.

The order of disposal of fire extinguishers, their degree of danger

Fire extinguishers that are unsuitable for further use must be disposed of under laboratory conditions. The metal or plastic case has a long disintegration period, and the internal contents are highly dangerous for the lives of people and the environment.

Getting into natural landfills, charged fire extinguishers under the influence of climatic factors actively enter into chemical interaction with elements of the environment. Also, devices that are under high internal pressure carry the risk of traumatic injury to casual passersby.

The extinguishers received for disposal initially neutralize the internal contents. Disposal of all fragments of the fire extinguisher is carried out in stages. Plastic, metal and ceramic parts are sorted and recycled. Unsuitable fragments are destroyed in furnaces with high atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Fire extinguishers of small sizes can be independently delivered to the UtilVtorProm office. The company's specialist presents the customer with a license to dispose of fire extinguishers and perform recycling activities. Heavy and large-sized fire extinguishers used in enterprises, it is convenient to export special vehicles "UtilVtorProm."

Responsibility for refusing to dispose of fire extinguishers

Removal, transportation and disposal of fire extinguishers of various capacities and appointments are carried out by UtilVtorProm specialists. At the same time, the rules of loading, transporting and sorting fragments of the device are strictly followed.

Failure to properly dispose of fire extinguishers for various purposes that are unsuitable for further use is assigned to those responsible for the fire safety of government agencies, as well as device owners.

How to apply for disposal of fire extinguishers?

The list of services indicating the value presented by the manager of the company "UtilVtorProm." You can contact him by phone as well as writing on utilvtorprom@gmail.comby specifying the type of device (fire extinguisher, refrigerator, TV etc.) and its individual characteristics.

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Disposal of fire extinguishers in the company UtilVtorProm


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