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Coolant disposal

Specialists in the metallurgical and engineering industries regularly use coolant (cutting fluid) in their work. It reduces the temperature of the treated zone to an acceptable level for working with the mechanism; reduces friction in the treatment area, thereby minimizing the risk of wear; increases productivity and product quality. However, this substance does not last forever. When it becomes necessary to replace the used coolant to another, you need to dispose of coolant.

How is the disposal of coolant?

The first thought when replacing the used coolant to a new idea appears to pour the old liquid into the sewer or gutter. But such a decision would be wrong and dangerous. This can cause harm to the environment, so without the help of professionals can not do. They will deliver the coolant that has expired to the plant, dispose of it properly.

To date, these methods are used:

  1. Reagent coagulation. With this method, the waste is mixed with chemical compounds (it is aluminum sulphate, sulphate or ferric chloride, caustic soda and lime milk). Due to the chemical reaction of these components, the mineral components precipitate as a precipitate, which is then filtered off.
  2. Processing in a centrifuge (centrifugation). At the highest rotational speed (minimum of 7250 units), a colloidal system separates and forms waste. As a result, oil components (less dense than water) are separated and amenable to easy extraction. In the case of centrifugation, an acid that breaks down the oil shells is used. Therefore, the material for centrifuges must be acid resistant.
  3. Thermal method
  4. Combined method.

Enterprises choose the method of disposal according to financial possibilities. But two methods are considered the most effective: thermal and reagent coagulation.

Why is coolant disposal necessary?

Disposal of coolant, according to legislation, is needed because these substances contain organic compounds of heavy metals, chlorine, sulfur dioxide and other toxic components. If you dump waste liquid into a reservoir or landfill, it will seep into the ground, and from there into groundwater and with them will be spread over vast territories. From the surface of the earth, it evaporates and, together with the clouds, reaches all parts of the planet, causing serious damage to the environment.

Another disadvantage of improper disposal of coolant or rejection of it - is the fact that because of the oil contained in this fluid, the soil is covered with a waterproof film, it loses its ability to absorb water. This makes it unsuitable for living organisms: invertebrates, insects, plants and soil microflora. And this lifelessness persists for a long time. If plants grow from the contaminated soil and get into the food of people or animals, severe intoxication or even developmental abnormalities can result.

In case of refusal of disposal, the management of the enterprise risks incurring disciplinary or administrative punishment in the form of penalties and fines. If the damage to the environment and the population is significant, then criminal liability occurs.

Coolant disposal by UtilVtorProm specialists

If there is a need to dispose of coolant, solvents, freon, acids (or others industrial waste), the best choice is to contact the specialists of UtilVtorProm. The company has already established itself in the waste recycling market as a reliable and profitable partner. Having addressed the manager, you can not worry about quality and speed of implementation of the order. Customers are given the opportunity to personally attend the process of recycling its waste.

You can clarify any questions you are interested in by numbers, as well as using e-mail (the company's email address is utilvtorprom@gmail.com). Offices "UtilVtorProm" is in all administrative centers and major cities of the country.

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Utilization of coolant by UtilVtorProm specialists


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