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Utilization of sawdust

To bury or burn wood garbage seems to be the simplest solution. However, this is not the most efficient disposal of sawdust and other wood. Of course, the process of decomposition of this material is much faster than, for example, plastics. But wood waste has a plus: it has great potential for reuse.
Why recycle wood

Proper processing of sawdust and other wood debris is an option to save and protect the environment. Of them can get very popular materials:

  • Particleboard;
  • warming mats for any pipes;
  • pulp and paper products;
  • industrial alcohol;
  • fuel briquettes;
  • wood concrete slabs;
  • pellets for heating boilers;
  • pressed sawdust for pets toilets;
  • coal and ethane (acetic) acid;
  • heat insulators (thermolite, sawdust concrete);
  • turpentine and others

The most useful product from sawdust is sawdust (arbolit). It is made by adding cement and special chemicals. Arbol contains more than 70% wood waste. As for wood pellets, this is the most perfect solid fuel today.

The process of sawdust disposal will reduce the costs of industries in which the above materials are used, will reduce deforestation, and if the sawdust has been chemically contaminated, it will reduce the harmful effects of toxic compounds on the environment.

How to use sawdust at home

Sawdust is used not only in production, but also at home (when growing mushrooms, smoking products, mulching the soil). They will also be needed for:

  • putty gaps when mixing with varnish for parquet;
  • bedding;
  • making bricks by mixing sawdust with cement, plaster, sand, lime or clay;
  • insulation of floors, attics and walls;
  • crafts (printed toys, pictures), etc.

As you can see, advanced methods of sawdust disposal allow them to give a second life and turn them into popular materials.

Utilization of sawdust in UtilVtorProm

The company "UtilVtorProm" will export and dispose of sawdust in the safest way. If wood waste is contaminated with combustible substances, we will burn them in special energy shops.

To process sawdust, we use one of the following options:

  • Mechanical grinding. As a result - semi-finished products and lumber. If the fibers are compacted under high pressure, you get high energy pellets.
  • Chemical crushing. As a result, a homogeneous wood product. Under the influence of pressure, binding components and temperature, plywood, fiberboards and particle boards, OSB are made.
  • Chemical method using alkali or acid. So it turns out gum, solvents, rosin, tanning agents and other components.

If you have any questions, call managers during office hours by numbers. Or contact us by mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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