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Waste Oil Disposal

Waste oil - a substance made from an artificial product or crude oil that has been exposed to contamination during operation by various types of impurities. In ordinary use, various kinds of impurities (dirt, metal particles, foreign substances or water) enter the oil. However, it becomes unsuitable for further intended use. Disposal of used oil involves purification in such a way that part of the product becomes reusable. This type of waste does not include:

  • petroleum-based fossil fuels;
  • remnants of a cleaning agent for storage containers;
  • unused oil waste;
  • oils of non-synthetic origin, even if they were used for lubrication.

Unprocessed oils are hazardous to the environment and must be disposed of without fail.

Waste Oil Disposal Process

When the oil is processed, it must be collected in special containers, processed, after which it can be reused more than once. There are several ways to dispose of used oil:

  1. It can be partially restored immediately, in the place where it was used. To do this, contaminants are simply removed and the oil is reused.
  2. Oil refineries use the product as a raw material for the production of gasoline.
  3. Through regeneration, the life of used oil can be extended to an unlimited period. Therefore, this type of disposal is considered one of the most optimal methods. After completion of the processing stage, the product can be used as a base for lubrication. Regeneration saves natural resources and energy.
  4. Waste oil is disposed of through refining and incineration. This process is used to generate energy. To do this, contaminants and water are removed so that the product can be burned. With this processing method, energy is generated.

Any kind of unprocessed waste is a direct threat to the environment. They can also cause serious harm to plants, human and animal health. Failure to recycle may result in the imposition of fines on the management of the company, a ban on activities, which will seriously harm the business. The solution to these problems is the timely disposal of used oil. Perform it quickly, efficiently and without harm to the environment can employees of specialized companies.

Where to order the disposal of used oil?

You can order the service of utilization of waste oil in the company "UtilVtorProm". Our representatives will advise you and select the best processing method.

Benefits of contacting UtilVtorProm

Work on the disposal of waste oil is carried out as soon as possible in compliance with all environmental and legal standards. We conclude an agreement on the disposal of used oil with enterprises of all forms of ownership. For budget organizations, a deferred payment for the disposal of used oil is provided. Waste oil is disposed of in the cities: Kiev, Vinnitsa, Dnipro, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zaporozhye, Kramatorsk, Kryvyi Rih, Kropyvnytskyi, Kremenchug, Lviv, Lutsk, Lugansk, Mariupol, Odessa, Nikolaev, Poltava, Uzhgorod, Rivne, Sumy, Ternopil, Kharkov, Kherson, Khmelnitsky, Chernihiv, Chernivtsi, Cherkasy, as well as regions and district / administrative centers of Ukraine. The cost of disposal of used oil directly depends on its location / storage (the manager calculates the cost of transportation) and quantity (the larger the total quantity, the cheaper the cost). After rendering the services for the disposal of used oil, the customer is issued the following documents: an act of reception and transfer of waste with the date and amount of used oil transferred for disposal, an accounting certificate of the work performed / provided services for the disposal of used oil, which also includes the relevant permits of our company: licenses, certificates, certificates, for enterprises of VAT payers in electronic form a tax invoice is registered. Order a waste oil disposal service, operational waste, cargo residues and other waste, you can ask all your questions by phone. You can also leave a request on the site, write an e-mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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