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Disposal paronita

Paronite recycling is a necessary step to maintain the environment in a normal state. This rubber-asbestos material serves as a seal, gasket. It consists of layers and is used in sheets in the manufacture of pipes, pumps, belts, mixers, compressors, engines. Because of its composition, the material is considered practically indispensable at the construction site, in scientific laboratories, in the field of mechanical engineering, engineering, and oil production.

Paronite is valued for its strengthening properties, it is convenient to use. However, do not forget about its dangerous properties that are harmful to health and the environment. This is an urgent problem in the world, because people rarely think about recycling, but simply throw it away. industrial waste. Many do not even know about the harm they can cause.

What is the danger of paronite?

This material consists of the following elements:

  • asbestos;
  • rubber;
  • powdered fillers;
  • other fillers (gasoline, kaolin, graphite, sulfur, zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, barite, etc.).

Asbestos practically does not decompose in the environment, therefore it easily gets into the reservoirs, and from there - into the human body. There is a risk when working with paronite to get a disease such as asbestosis (lung disease). Asbestos fibers penetrate the lungs and cause cancer. This substance has a second class of hazard.

How is paronite recycled?

Specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" perform the recycling of paronite, as well as other waste, in three stages:

  1. Packaging and loading of waste. The material is packaged in airtight containers.
  2. Transportation of waste to the place of their disposal.
  3. Direct disposal.

Only licensed companies that have the necessary rights and permissions have the right to dispose of this substance. In case of violation of the process or technology of destruction of the material, the owners of the enterprises are administratively liable (a fine is imposed).

What happens if you do not dispose of paronite?

Paronite is a dangerous substance that contains harmful, toxic and toxic elements. Its main component is asbestos, but such elements as rubber and powdered fillers (soot, chalk, talc) increase the flammability of this substance. Therefore, it is dangerous to throw it in landfills. The material practically does not decompose in the environment and does not enter into a chemical reaction with the soil, but the substance still clogs the soil and sewage.

How to dispose?

Disposal of all unnecessary devices (fire extinguishers, filters) and substances laboratory waste on favorable terms and at a reasonable price, specialists of the company UtilVtorProm. To find out all the details, please contact our phone manager or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

The employee "UtilVtorProm" will advise you on issues of interest. You can also negotiate the packaging and transportation of the waste material.

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