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Sand disposal

Sand is used in car repair shops, car factories and other large industrial enterprises as a fire-fighting material. The fine-grained base neutralizes the falling fuel and lubricants and absorbs petroleum products. After a certain period of operation, the sand mixture becomes dangerous to the environment, so it is important to regularly dispose of the sand for its processing and neutralization.

Why is recycling sand important?

In the sandy base, which is used by various enterprises, are refined petroleum products, paints and varnishes, chemical compounds and other harmful substances. When the concentration of combustive-lubricating compounds in the sand exceeds the allowable rate, it becomes flammable. Such sand is not used in construction, it cannot be stored or thrown away. Evaporation products are toxic to humans and negatively affect the environment.

Oiled sand is disposed of by specialists of companies that have a license and certificates for this. Employees "UtilVtorProm" provide a full range of services for the processing and disposal of oil-polluted sand. The presence of the necessary production and technological equipment allows high-quality utilization of sand, which eliminates the likelihood of harmful substances in the environment.

How is the disposal of the sand?

The main task of any enterprise in which in the process of activity is pollution of sand industrial waste, - properly organize its collection and storage. To store waste should be in a room or on the site with a canopy, which must be equipped with reliable protection from moisture and sunlight.

When waste is accumulated, UtilVtorProm experts estimate the amount of sand and arrange transport for its safe removal. For this special technique is used. Oiled sand is delivered to the processing site, where experienced workers dispose of using environmentally friendly methods. The resulting oily mixture is neutralized until neutralized.

Depending on the stage of contamination, the following methods of sand disposal are used:

  • pyrolysis - the destruction of hydrocarbons under the influence of high temperatures;
  • waste disposal in specially equipped places (landfills, etc.);
  • centrifuging - separation of petroleum products into fractions using centrifugal forces;
  • extraction of harmful substances using catalysts and solvents.

Electrochemical methods are considered to be the most effective methods for utilization of sand.

All work on the processing and disposal of oiled sand carried out by qualified personnel in compliance with safety regulations. We guarantee high-quality and fast results, as well as full documentary support.

Get additional advice, find out the prices and order the disposal of sand and other industrial waste can call. You can also send us an email. utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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