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Plasticizer disposal

The main consumer of plasticizers is the plastic industry. The processing of plasticizer is regulated by environmental legislation and is widely used in the construction and cosmetic industries.

Where is the plasticizer applied

Approximately 70% of the total volume of plasticizers goes to the production of plastic: films, granules, sheets, etc. The substance, despite the fact that it is toxic, is often used in manicure varnishes, fashionable perfumes and various hygiene products.

The plasticizer is introduced into concrete mixtures and other mortars. Thanks to him, cement consumption and water content in building materials are reduced. The substance is characterized by excellent strength and ability to increase the stability of concrete. Also, thanks to this additive, the concrete mix hardens several times faster.

In stores, the plasticizer can be found in the form of powder or liquid. For effective use it is necessary to dilute in water both that, and another.

Why is plasticizer recycling necessary?

The plasticizer contains phthalates. These toxins are dangerous. They are able to be quickly absorbed through the skin and "scatter" throughout the body. During this process, phthalates are converted to monoethyl phthalates, which negatively affect the liver, kidneys and the entire respiratory system of a person.

It's fun!

  • Over 20 years 1 sq. A meter of linoleum can produce up to 10 mg of plasticizer per day.

Plasticizers are particularly dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn babies. Doctors say that even a small dose of phthalates affects the development of the fetus. Doctors call on all people to pay attention to the composition of the purchased products.

Plasticizer disposal

Waste plasticizers occur after the manufacture of polymeric goods. Despite the fact that these substances strengthen various plastic and construction products, increase their elasticity and frost resistance, they harm the environment and human health.

In this regard, it is important to timely and safely dispose of waste materials. There are several methods for recycling polymer waste.

  • Hydrolysis.
  • High temperature treatment in airless space (pyrolysis).
  • Glycolysis.
  • Recycling for reuse.

Environmental legislation prohibits the dumping of polymer debris at the site, since plasticizer wastes disintegrate for centuries, releasing toxins into the atmosphere.

Processing of plasticizers in "UtilVtorProm"

Being engaged in production of plastic, you are obliged to issue various documents, including a report on the disposal of plasticizer waste.

The UtilVtorProm company will give waste a second life: completely recycle it in the safest way and prepare it for recycling. Upon completion of the work, we will provide a complete package of necessary documents. Experienced specialists, the latest equipment and specialized sites prepared for waste processing by all possible methods are at your service.

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