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Utilization of plates

Cooker - appliances that serve a very long time. Its replacement is usually performed not because of damage, but to update the design of the room. But the problems that inevitably have to face when replacing (dismantling, removal, disposal of the plate), for many become an obstacle. Specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" offer their services for dismantling and recycling kitchen appliances.

Why not throw the stove into a landfill?

Self-throwing cooktops is not recommended. First, because it is prohibited by law. Large household appliances are not classified as solid household waste, and therefore it must be disposed of in a special way. You can get a fine for the slab sent to the waste area near the house.

Secondly, proper utilization of the plate is also necessary because the unit is designed using long-decomposing materials, which, when decomposed, can release toxic substances:

  • Metal case. Stainless steel decomposes fairly quickly (even despite the enamel coating) - over 10-15 years. At the same time, relatively low-risk iron compounds get into the soil and groundwater.
  • Glass door. Glass practically does not decompose in the natural environment and is able to persist in the ground until 2000 years. For a long time, sharp shards of tempered glass remain traumatic for animals and people.
  • Pens and some other structural elements made of plastic can decompose to a few hundred years. At the same time, harmful substances are released into the soil and atmosphere. The greatest danger is the burning of this plastic.
  • Cooktop or heating elements. These elements are made of aluminum and heavy metal alloys, which can also emit heavy metal ions into the soil during decomposition.

The greatest danger of a cooker can be when burned due to the release of large quantities of toxic substances and carbon dioxide.

Third, the recycling plate, water heater, dishwasherthe other household appliances - this is an opportunity to get rid of equipment that has served its own or is morally obsolete. All worries for the dismantling, removal and removal of the unit will take over the specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm."

Why do you need to recycle cookers?

In addition to the environmental aspect, recycling has other advantages. The fact is that the materials from which the plates are made can be used for recycling and manufacturing various products. Steel and aluminum is enough to get from the unit, they do not need complex sorting and chemical processing. To obtain them in this way is much easier and cheaper than in the case of primary extraction from ore. At the same time, the harm caused by ecology is also minimized. Modern recycling technologies allow even plastic to be used.

How is the disposal of plates?

The recycling process is carried out in stages with the involvement of highly qualified specialists. It includes the following works:

  • disconnecting the stove from utilities (gas or electricity);
  • dismantle of the built-in equipment;
  • removal of equipment from the apartment and transportation to the place of disassembly;
  • disassembling the unit and sorting its elements by materials;
  • grinding and recovering materials that are recyclable;
  • packaging recycling and sending it to recycling companies.

At the same time (depending on the type and design features of the equipment) various methods of extraction and sorting of metals, plastic, glass can be applied.

Professional plate recycling

If you want to get rid of an outdated gas stove for a long time, replace it with a new one, then specialists of UtilVtorProm will help to do it. We will undertake the solution of all tasks, beginning from dismantle, finishing with utilization. In this case, you do not have to expose yourself and loved ones to danger, disconnecting the unit from the communications, to search for transport and export plates.

For consultation and ordering services, please contact our specialists by phone. You can also email our manager. utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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