Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Disposal of precursors

Precursors are used to obtain narcotic or psychotropic drugs, they are subject to mandatory disposal if they are not suitable for medical use, or if their use is impractical. In addition, precursors are also used illegally, and may be seized during the inspection, they, other drugs and tools for their creation and use must be confiscated.

How is hazardous waste disposal

As medicines and a large number of drugs, and their precursors even more, it is impossible to say for sure how their disposal will take place. It is important not to ask where to dispose of the waste, but to seek help from a company that performs destruction at a professional level. UtilVtorProm company for recycling and recycling has its offices in each region of the country, so its services can be used throughout Ukraine.

Before recycling takes place, it is necessary to separate all precursors and other substances by type and put them in safe, sealed containers. On the container must be written the name, date, person in charge and method of origin.

Precursors to bring the greatest benefit, and do not take up a large amount of space at the burial, all drugs should be to try to start to resume their properties. To do this, they are mixed with reagents neutralized and restarted. They are brought into action again sent into production.

How to recycle precursors companies recycling

There are such methods of destruction and processing of a substance in which the ecology does not suffer:

  • Neutralization. In this case, the precursor is mixed with reagents, after which they lose their toxic properties.
  • Oxidation using chlorine. In this case, the neutralization precursors obtained most effectively.
  • Thermal processes operate by using the furnace, this method is most simple and effective.
  • Distillation.
  • New biological method.

The simplest and most effective method is incineration, 99,99% percent toxicity is killed with its help, moreover, it does not harm nature and people. With the help of a destruction company, the ecology of Ukraine and the health of a large number of the population will be in safe hands.

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