Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Utilization of gas masks

Disposal of gas masks is necessary in case of expiry date, damage, loss of protective abilities of products. Although they are designed for protection and safety, they contain many harmful components. Recycling ensures efficient recycling of the elements that make up the product. Recycling must be applied to such gas masks:

  • civilian filter masks;
  • insulating masks;
  • gas masks with built-in cartridge;
  • gas masks with filter elements;
  • gas masks with a closed breathing system.

This is done for the benefit of enterprises and the maintenance of ecology in good condition.

What is the danger of refusing to dispose of gas masks?

Gas masks that have lost their ability to protect (expired) must be disposed of immediately, since they cannot be used in the future. The use of a gas mask that does not protect in extreme conditions is life threatening. Gas masks also consist of heavy metals and chemicals, which, when decomposed in soil, cause significant harm to it. Water and air are also at risk of infection.

How is the disposal of gas masks?

Dispose of gas masks in several stages in the following way:

  1. Sort gas masks in stock.
  2. Depending on the constituent elements and materials, gas masks are divided into groups.
  3. Recyclable metals rubber, plastic and fiberglass.
  4. Recycled substances can and should be used in production again.
  5. Parts that cannot be processed are sent to special storage locations.

Only companies that have a license and the necessary permits have the right to dispose of gas masks.

What happens if you do not dispose of gas masks?

All gas masks must be disposed of, as they consist of harmful elements. They have a high level of hazard class. Some parts of gas masks contain radioactive, toxic, biological, toxic, toxic and chemically hazardous substances. The life and health of people who mistakenly can use a gas mask in an emergency situation depends on their disposal.

This topic is extremely relevant today. Disposal of gas masks - not a whim, but a mandatory measure, approved at the legislative level. In case of refusal to dispose of, the persons in charge and managers of the company are threatened with fines, a temporary ban on the implementation of activities.

How to pass a gas mask for disposal?

Disposal of gas masks, insulators, fire extinguishersand other devices and substances are handled by UtilVtorProm employees. The company has the appropriate licenses and a number of other necessary documents to carry out its activities.

To find out the terms of cooperation and get advice, you can:

  • leave an electronic application on the company's website;
  • write an email to utilvtorprom@gmail.com;
  • call phone numbers.

Each client will receive answers to their questions from the manager.

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