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Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaners, like most other household appliances, belong to hazardous waste IV category. This means that they cannot simply be thrown into the garbage along with ordinary household waste, since the equipment may contain harmful and potentially environmentally hazardous substances. In addition, non-compliance with the rules of household appliances disposal is a legally punishable violation, followed by serious fines. Proper disposal of vacuum cleaners will help to avoid them and minimize environmental damage. This service for organizations and individuals is provided by specialists of UtilVtorProm.

Why can't a vacuum cleaner just be thrown away?

The structure of vacuum cleaners usually includes several materials: plastic, metal, fabric elements (filters). If there are no particular problems with the natural decomposition of the latter, then it will take dozens (and even hundreds) years to decompose metal and plastic. Throughout this time, the elements will pollute the environment.

In addition to relatively harmless plastics, rubber and steel, more toxic substances are present in the design of the vacuum cleaner. These are mainly paints, lubricants and oils, as well as heavy metals contained in electrical circuits and the engine. Getting into the soil and groundwater, they are able to contaminate the environment, to form toxic compounds that are dangerous to plants, animals and humans.

Another important aspect of recycling is worth mentioning. Many materials and components of failed household appliances are recyclable. This also applies to plastic, and black scrap, and a few (but still present in electronics) non-ferrous, precious and rare-earth metals. In addition, vacuum cleaners usually break down as a result of the failure of one important component or simply become obsolete morally. At the same time, there are still a lot of serviceable and undeveloped parts in their design.

Removing recyclable materials and components is more economically and environmentally more beneficial than the production of new metal, plastic components from these materials. Therefore, handing over broken appliances for recycling, you make a small but important contribution to the preservation of the environment and natural resources. In some cases, for an unnecessary equipment, you can even get a certain amount: this is the cost of those materials and spare parts that can be used again.

How is the disposal of vacuum cleaners?

Vacuum cleaner disposal by our specialists is carried out in accordance with the laws and applicable safety standards. We also undertake transportation (take-out and removal) of equipment.

All equipment is delivered to our warehouse and there it is already utilized in several stages:

  • disassembly into components;
  • selection of serviceable parts and parts that are suitable for reuse;
  • sorting materials (for further processing and disposal);
  • extraction of non-ferrous and precious metals from electronics;
  • grinding plastic, rubber and other recyclable materials;
  • extraction of toxic substances;
  • disposal of hazardous and toxic components;
  • sending recyclable materials to recycling facilities.

The procedure for disassembly, sorting and disposal is carried out using modern technologies in accordance with accepted safety requirements.

To use the service, you just need to contact us by phone or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com. We will also provide advice and answer all your questions.

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