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Utilization of X-ray machines

X-ray apparatus is widely used in many areas: in medicine for diagnosis and treatment, in industry to determine the quality of the product. Such facilities operate on the basis of X-ray radiation, and therefore are quite dangerous. After the X-ray is out of service, the equipment must be properly dismantled and taken out for recycling. All works on recycling are governed by the legal framework. Therefore, you should contact a specialized company. X-ray machines can only be disposed of if the device is recognized as faulty and cannot be repaired.

What is dangerous x-ray equipment?

The main danger of x-ray equipment lies in the source of ionizing radiation, which is equipped with x-rays. But since radiation occurs only during the operation of the apparatus, i.e. when it is plugged in, after switching off the x-ray is completely safe. In this regard, there are no special storage requirements for devices. However, disposal of X-ray machines should be carried out only in strict compliance with the established rules and regulations in an environmentally friendly manner.

X-ray disposal rules

Disposal of X-ray machines has a number of mandatory requirements:

  • all work can be performed exclusively by employees of a company that has the appropriate license;
  • to send equipment for recycling, you need to get a document that confirms that the equipment is really faulty and cannot be repaired;
  • during disposal there should be a detailed list of all parts and assemblies of the x-ray apparatus.

In addition, there is the very order of disposal of X-ray tubes and other nodes:

  1. Drawing up an examination certificate that confirms that X-rays are faulty and cannot be repaired. If any assembly units are working, they are removed from the device and can be used later. You can only dispose of defective parts of the installation.
  2. Disconnection technology, dismantling equipment. Carried out by a company that deals with the disposal of X-ray units.
  3. Removal of equipment to landfills or sites for disposal.
  4. Disposal of X-ray machines.
  5. Providing the company with the act of recycling equipment and its write-off from the balance sheet.

If a company that owns X-ray equipment decides to simply throw away the device or dispose of it on its own in another way, this will be considered a violation of the law and punished accordingly.

Legislative regulation

X-ray machines are related to equipment with radiation, and therefore the procedure for their disposal is strictly regulated by the legislative base (federal law and sanitary regulations), as well as other hazardous waste, for example, class b. According to them, spontaneous emission of waste equipment or its parts is unacceptable and carries an administrative penalty.

Company "UtilVtorProm" provides services for the disposal of X-ray machines on favorable terms, as we have everything you need to do this:

  • permits and licenses;
  • experienced staff;
  • special equipment;
  • environmentally friendly recycling technology.

When ordering an X-ray disposal service, check the prices, terms and other information with the company's manager. Call the numbers. You can also write to e-mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com. Our staff will contact you as soon as possible.

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