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Recycling rubber

Recycling rubber - an event that helps protect the environment and public health from exposure to hazardous substances. All waste rubber, whether used tires or rubber boots, is subject to recycling. It is environmentally unsafe and inefficient to store and dispose of rubber waste. Long-term storage of rubber products contributes to the release into the environment of toxic components that violate the ecological balance.

Reception of rubber for recycling is carried out by specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm". For recycling accepted various rubber waste, tires of all sizes and brand. Recycling of rubber is performed using modern equipment and environmentally friendly technologies, which provides high-quality processing and disposal of waste. Also, the specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" provide services for documentary support of work performed.

The need to perform rubber recycling

The amount of used car tires, which make up the bulk of rubber waste, is growing steadily every year. Only 20% of the total waste is recycled and used to produce various products. The remaining 80% of raw materials are discarded or stored, increasing the scale of landfills.

Automobile tires are made of natural and synthetic rubber, as well as various resin impurities. After the expiration of the life of the tires, their components can penetrate into the human body and provoke the development of bronchitis, allergies and tumors.

Also toxic substances of rubber products adversely affect the state of the environment. In the natural environment, rubber does not decompose, releasing various toxic substances into the environment that are dangerous not only to humans, but also to plants and animals. Rubber waste is a favorable habitat for insects and rodents that carry various infections.

In order to preserve natural resources and protect the environment from the harmful effects of rubber waste, it is necessary to carry out the obligatory processing and neutralization of used products.

Rubber recycling methods

Various technologies are used to process rubber products. The most effective and rational is considered to be cryogenic and mechanical disposal. The essence of mechanical processing is the preparation of waste, crushing them into crumb and sorting fractions. The recycling process is carried out using a crusher, a shredder and a guillotine.

Cryogenic processing involves the loading of rubber waste into a special chamber in which the material solidifies under the influence of liquid nitrogen. After that, the stiffened rubber is crushed. To do this, use a steam or air hammer. In both cases, the rubber is thoroughly washed before processing.

To order recycling of rubber and other industrial waste (Textiles, wool, latex etc.), get additional advice, contact the managers of the company "UtilVtorProm" by phone. You can also send an email to utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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