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Mercury disposal

Disposal of mercury is a complex and dangerous process, a prerequisite for environmental protection, a guarantee of health and life. This is equally true for large enterprises, in the process of which waste is generated containing this hazardous element, and for private individuals using mercury-containing instruments and equipment. After all, mercury poisoning is a serious danger to the body - up to death. And mercury vapor can persist for a long time, accumulate and concentrate in the soil, tissues of living organisms, objects and architectural structures.

Is mercury dangerous?

This question is rather rhetorical. We all know from early childhood that a banal mercury thermometer is dangerous if you break it. Despite the fact that this metal and its compounds are widely used in various electric lighting devices and electronics, the safety of their use is due to the hermetic design, as, for example, in the case of the same thermometer. If the device is damaged and mercury vapor is released into the atmosphere, everyone around will be at risk.

What is dangerous spilled mercury?

Vapors and the metal itself are dangerous primarily for the human body because of its toxicity. Even insignificant (at first glance) concentration of mercury vapors in the inhaled air can cause significant damage to the body - mucous membranes, respiratory system, digestive organs, etc. That is why waste containing mercury belongs to first class hazard.

Why professional mercury decontamination is needed:

  • Metal and its vapors are extremely toxic, especially in relation to women and children.
  • Because of its fluidity and extreme mobility, mercury is able to penetrate into hard-to-reach places and “migrate”, poisoning nearby premises and the atmosphere.
  • Self-elimination of mercury is ineffective. Even if you know how to remove mercury, you must have special reagents for its neutralization and subsequent disposal.
  • Mercury and its vapors are able to accumulate in the environment, becoming a slow and imperceptible poison.

That is why, in accordance with legislation and environmental regulations, disposal of mercury and other hazardous substances, such as organochlorine wasteshould be carried out only by specialized organizations working in this field. Such a company is LLC UtilVtorProm.

How to neutralize mercury?

If we talk about the domestic sphere, then everyone should know what to do with mercury spilled, for example, from a thermometer. This will allow you to take primary measures to disinfect the room. Necessary emergency actions:

  • Collect large mercury elements with a brush.
  • Collect leftovers using wet filter paper.
  • For metal extraction from cracks and hard-to-reach places use wire or metal rod.
  • Mercury, as well as items that were used for its cleaning, placed in a glass vessel and tightly closed.
  • Ventilate the room and hold it wet cleaning.

It should be remembered that these measures are not enough, and therefore it is necessary to immediately call specialists who are engaged in the disposal of toxic substances and wastes - employees of UtilVtorProm LLC.

Professional disinfection of mercury

If you need fast and safe disposal of mercury in the home or at the enterprise, then you can solve the problem by contacting our company. Experts will urgently respond to the appeal and will propose a set of necessary measures for disinfecting the room and hazardous waste disposal - in any quantity.

Take advantage of our services as individuals and organizations. We work in strict accordance with legal regulations and environmental requirements, we have all the necessary permits and guarantee the quality of services. Our specialists will also take care of all issues related to the collection and transportation of mercury-containing waste to the place of their decontamination and disposal.

Call or write to the mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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