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Disposal of mercury lamps

Luminescent and gas-discharge lamps, which are used in everyday life, for lighting commercial and public buildings, industrial premises, provide high-quality white light, are distinguished by good energy efficiency and cost, which makes them popular. Despite the emergence of new types of lamps (LED and energy-saving), fluorescent lights still popular. But their main drawback is the presence of mercury and other dangerous chemical compounds in the composition. Therefore, the disposal of mercury lamps (fluorescent and gas discharge type) is a prerequisite for their safe use.

Danger of mercury lamps

Mercury - a chemical element that, by the level of toxicity and danger to living beings and the environment, belongs to the 1 class. Both mercury itself and its numerous compounds, which are formed by interaction with atmospheric air, water, and substances contained in the soil, are dangerous. Even a small dose of this volatile metal can cause severe pathologies and death.

Each fluorescent or gas discharge lamp, depending on the type and size, contains 3-45 mg of pure mercury. Because of its volatility, this substance rapidly spreads in the atmosphere, penetrates groundwater, and accumulates in plants, muscle and fatty tissues of animals. Once in the human body, mercury can cause serious poisoning, cause serious illness, lead to the failure of internal organs. Continuous prolonged contact with mercury, its vapors and compounds can cause the appearance of neoplastic diseases and oncology.

Reasons for mandatory disposal of mercury lamps:

  • High toxicity of mercury and its compounds. If the lamps are simply thrown into landfills and landfills, the harmful elements penetrate the soil and groundwater, polluting the environment.
  • Mercury compounds can accumulate in the cells of animals and plants, as well as in the human body. Mercury poisoning leads to damage to the nervous system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract and reduced immunity.
  • The formation of hazardous compounds. When mercury enters the water, due to the metabolism of microorganisms, an organometallic compound is formed from it - methyl mercury (even more dangerous and toxic than pure metal).
  • The difficulty of storage. Due to the fragility of the fluorescent lamps themselves, they are difficult to store at home for a long time.

For all the above reasons, proper disposal of mercury lamps is a prerequisite for the protection of the public and the safety of the environment.

How is the disposal of mercury lamps?

Today, there are several ways to recycle mercury lamps to avoid environmental pollution. Specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" offer recycling services to the population and industrial enterprises. We undertake the solution of all problems, ranging from the transportation of spent fluorescent and gas-discharge lamps to the place of processing, ending with their disposal and burial or shipment for reuse.

Mercury lamps: collection and disposal

Disposal of mercury lamps is carried out in several stages:

  • Collection of products and their accurate transportation to the place of processing. We use specialized transport and packaging of products to avoid damage during transportation and mercury release to the environment.
  • Destruction of lamps for their subsequent sorting. Destruction is carried out automatically in isolated rooms.
  • Sorting waste. The remains of lamps are divided into glass breakage, metallic elements and mercury-containing substances (phosphor powder, etc.).
  • Disposal of waste and its preparation for reuse.

Recycled glass breakage is used as a raw material for the production of glass products or as a filler in concrete structures. Metal elements of the lamps are sent to remelting. Mercury is partially recovered for reuse in measuring instruments (barometers and thermometers). The part of the toxic substance that cannot be recovered and processed is disinfected by combining with high-temperature cement dust. The resulting insoluble and non-toxic sediment must be disposed of.

Fast and safe disposal of mercury-containing lamps

The preservation of ecology is an important task of all mankind. Therefore, mercury-containing lamps can not be simply dumped in a landfill. Businesses and companies are threatened with large fines.

You can order recycling by contacting us by phone or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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