Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Recycling and recycling servers

Processing and recycling of servers is a necessary event to get rid of non-working and outdated computer equipment. All devices have a certain lifespan. After several years of continuous operation, the question of disposal arises.

The need for server recycling

A server is a computer hardware complex that performs the function of interaction, storage and transfer of information between workstations. Violation of the stable operation of server hardware paralyzes production processes. When the restoration of server components becomes inappropriate due to obsolescence or the inability to repair, it must be disposed of.

Server Recycling Sequence

Non-working server is disassembled into components that are disposed of in special laboratories. Motherboards and small parts are disassembled to the base of the PCB.

Before utilization of servers, the head of the enterprise with the participation of experts in the examination is an act of technical diagnostics, which confirms the failure of the device. Further, representatives of the company send the equipment for recycling.

Servers are disposed of in laboratories. Plastic and metal parts are sorted and sent to the secondary remelting.

Server equipment is exported for special transport utilization by a company that is licensed to perform such activities.

What danger does unutilized server hardware carry?

Served his time equipment can not be sent to landfills. Utilization measures of server equipment have some peculiarities depending on the characteristics of the component devices:

  • masses;
  • sizes;
  • the presence of precious metals;
  • the presence of hazardous elements.

Removal and sorting of server hardware into component parts is carried out by specialists of the company for recycling. Disassembly involves careful sorting of materials. Non-recyclable parts are destroyed in furnaces at high temperatures.

Metal fragments are sent to the smelter and subsequently can be used in the manufacture of new devices for various purposes.

Server equipment that has not been recycled, falling into landfills of household waste, causes great harm to the environment. The power supply boards contain chemical compounds that, when released, begin to emit toxic substances and radiation. It:

  • cadmium;
  • mercury;
  • tin;
  • arsenic;
  • lead.

Under the influence of the sun, precipitation, high temperatures and other chemical elements poisonous substances get into the air and the ground. Then they begin to take an active part in various natural processes.

Responsibility for failure to properly dispose of server equipment that is unsuitable for further operation, rests with the management of manufacturing companies and private firms. Servers at issue receive individual serial numbers. Therefore, it is not difficult to obtain reliable information about those from whom they were on the balance sheet. Since the equipment for servers has a high cost, it is unacceptable to dispose of it without acts of technical diagnostics. At large enterprises, special journals are kept, where the utilization measures carried out with the equipment written off are recorded.

How to apply for server recycling?

The price list for recycling events provides the manager of our company. For answers to your questions, please call. You can also order services by sending a letter to utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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