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Utilization of slag

The modern world can not be imagined without metallurgical products. There is hardly any building in which there is not a single metal part, and electronic technologies do not exist without metals at all. Therefore, in industry, metallurgy occupies an important place. But in the production of metals, waste is released, the solid variety of which is slag. Slag disposal is necessary because it contains toxic ore.

Why do we need slag utilization?

It is believed that the amount of dangerous ore in the slag is too small to cause harm to humans. However, the accumulation of such waste increases, and chemical reactions occur within the ore, which lead to negative consequences. Slag disposal is a processing for further use for such purposes:

  • secondary use as a flux - additives to improve the separation of metals from waste rock and reduce the required melting temperature;
  • use as a flux to produce aluminum;
  • production of slag flour for soil fertilization;
  • construction of light alloy structures.

The type of end product recycling plants are chosen based on market needs.

How is slag utilized?

Recycling technology consists of the following stages:

  • disassembling the slag mass into components and sorting them by type;
  • crushing slag elements;
  • metal separation;
  • sorting the resulting material;
  • transportation to the place of further use.

The installation for this process is sorting and crushing units, conveyors, iron separator and vibrating feeder. As a result of these manipulations receive secondary raw materials: metal and crushed stone. Crushed stone is then used in the construction of roads, coatings, and also as a primer for concrete structures.

Slag disposal control

The legislation regulates that each organization associated with the production of metal slag is obliged to develop a procedure for handling it. In this regulatory act, designates actions for the collection, storage, transportation, disposal, use and other actions with slag. It is necessary to determine ways to control the implementation of these norms. This document is presented during inspections by state environmental control authorities.

In case of neglect of these norms, disciplinary, administrative, and sometimes criminal liability comes. Metallurgical waste is the main cause of environmental problems, therefore, strict control over them. If you leave the metal slag without disposal, the terrain within a radius of two hundred kilometers from its location is considered polluted. With excessive accumulation of slag there is a risk of loss of vegetation in this area.

Where can I order slag disposal?

Slag utilization, resins And other industrial waste Specialists involved "UtilVtorProm." The company has the appropriate licenses, so contacting its employees, you can not worry about the correctness of the processes of processing and destruction.

Experts "UtilVtorProm" have experience with metal slag, dispose of it quickly and efficiently. The company has a fleet of vehicles specifically for each type of waste. The cost of services varies depending on the conditions of the order and the location of the customer. The client can personally attend the disposal and control the entire process.

One can contact the specialists of UtilVtorProm in three ways:

  • leave an electronic application on the company's website;
  • write an email to utilvtorprom@gmail.com;
  • call phone numbers.

Regardless of the type of application, the client is assigned a personal manager to clarify the conditions of the order.

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