Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Recycling and disposal of syringes

Substances and objects are dangerous to humans if they cause the appearance and growth of diseases leading to disability or death, and also pose a danger to humans and the environment. That is why the need for special disposal of medical waste.

waste group

Health rules all medical waste is divided into hazard groups:

Depending on the patient with which the syringe was in contact, there may be different degrees of danger, but in any case they need disposing of disposable medical devices. Class B - if the syringe is in contact with biological matter or human fluids. In this case, such syringes are collected in a yellow bag with information marking. Class B - if the syringe was in contact with a person suffering from various dangerous infections. In this case, the collection bag is red.

Various syringe disposal

For different hazard classes, there is a different technology for such a process as disposing of disposable instruments. The destruction and recycling company has the necessary tools in its arsenal, and the professionals have the necessary knowledge and experience.

Among the methods of destruction and recycling can be identified Recycling and liquidation.


  • burial in special landfills;
  • decontamination and disposal of solid waste in landfills;
  • heat treatment.

For plastics and various metals, recycling methods are often used; in this case, waste is used as recyclable materials. Proper disposal of disposable instruments preserves the ecology and health of people in integrity.

Before disposing of disposable medical instruments takes place, all flasks need to be disconnected from the needles; they do this with the help of various devices. After that, separate syringes and plastic flasks are disinfected by chemical and physical methods. Chemical - the use of disinfectant solutions. Physical - using microwave radiation and autoclaving. Further, the disposal of sharp waste includes the destruction of materials using mills and crushers.

Thus, the disposal of medical instruments is a complex process.

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