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Recycling silica gel

Despite the fact that we meet sachets of silica gel regularly (even in a box with shoes), not everyone is aware of the danger of this compound. On a household scale, the compound is not capable of causing harm, but silica gels are also widely used in industry, for example, in transporting gases. The result is a large amount of silica gel waste 3 hazard class. Therefore, recycling of silica gel is a service that is relevant for many industrial organizations. Order processing of the adsorbent and others production waste can be in the company "UtilVtorProm."

What is the danger of silica gel?

Technical silica gel is fire and explosion proof. In chemical terms, it also does not pose a serious danger even when interacting with the skin (if it does not get into the body). The substance may become toxic due to pollution and decomposition.

Silica gel is a good adsorbent that can absorb substances from the air and retain them. Upon decomposition, the adsorbed compounds are released back into the environment, as well as the silicon-containing acids that make up the silica gel itself. These processes can adversely affect the environmental situation, leading to an imbalance of substances and compounds in nature.

Silica gel that is contaminated with toxic industrial waste. It can not be disposed of, leaving on landfills. A multi-stage cleaning and recycling process is required.

How is the utilization of silica gel?

Silica gel can be reused. To do this, it must be cleaned from adsorbed impurities. Properly performed on specialized equipment, the process allows to almost completely restore the original characteristics of the material. The impurities that are isolated are disposed of or recycled, taking into account their physico-chemical characteristics and the degree of danger.

If silica gel is contaminated with non-hazardous compounds or if it is not economically feasible to clean it, the material can be used in the construction industry as a silicon additive in concrete products. Such a solution reduces the cost of production and reduces the cost of disposal of this type of industrial waste.

Industrial waste and compound disposal services

Specialists of the company “UtilVtorProm” offer the service of utilization of contaminated silica gel for enterprises and organizations. We undertake the entire scope of work, starting from the initial storage and removal from the territory of the enterprise to the cleaning and recycling of the material.

Five reasons to entrust us with the disposal of silica gel:

  • Extensive experience in the field of disposal of industrial waste and toxic substances.
  • Availability of certificates, licenses and other permits that allow this type of activity.
  • Work exclusively in the legislative field: self-disposal of hazardous substances entails criminal and administrative penalties.
  • An integrated approach to solving problems (from the removal of silica gel, ending with its cleaning and delivery for reuse).
  • Affordable cost of services and flexible pricing.

To get more information and use our services, please call or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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