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Utilization of substances based on sovtol, sovol, delora, PCB, PCB

Sovtol is a mixture of sovol with trichlorobenzene, which is widely used as a filler in high-capacity capacitors and current transformers. It is highly toxic and harmful to human health. Therefore, utilization of sovtol is considered to be of paramount importance for energy enterprises, where dozens of tons of sovtol accumulate in old transformers.

Harm sovtol

Sovtol belongs to the group of polychlorinated biphenyls included in the first class of hazardous substances. This group also includes a plasticizer sovol, which was previously used to improve the properties of paints. Sovtol, sovol and other polychlorinated biphenyls are considered organic harmful substances that cause persistent and irreparable harm to the environment. The substances enter the body with food or air: through the skin, lungs, gastrointestinal tract.

After penetration into the body, the harmful substance begins to circulate through it along with the blood and is absorbed into adipose tissue, as well as internal organs (kidneys, adrenal glands, lungs, liver). Once in the body, sovtol suppresses the immune system and provokes various diseases such as cancer, damage to the nervous system, kidney, liver. Especially dangerous harmful liquid for the fetus, because it contributes to the development of children's pathologies.

Disposal of sovtol and sovol

Since sovtol belongs to the class of highly hazardous substances, experienced and qualified workers should deal with its neutralization. LLC UtilVtorProm offers a range of services for the disposal of hazardous waste. Our specialists work in three stages: collect sovtol, then clean transformers, capacitors and other devices from the remnants of a harmful substance, and then neutralize it.

Today for the disposal of sovtol use the following methods:

  • Thermal, involves the burning of a harmful substance at high temperature. For successful disposal, three conditions must be met: the combustion temperature is above 2000 degrees, the presence of a harmful substance in the combustion zone is about 2 seconds, high turbulence. However, this method requires significant energy and material costs, so it is advisable to use it for the destruction of small amounts of sovtol.
  • Plasma - impact on hazardous waste by a strong electrical charge. Such a charge provokes a high temperature, due to which the waste quickly disintegrates. The technology is mainly used to eliminate sovtol from the internal surface of transformers.
  • Chemical methods involve the reaction of sovtol with reagents that convert it to low-toxic or non-toxic substances. Such methods are used primarily for the preparation of harmful substances for their subsequent disposal.

LLC "UtilVtorProm" offers services for high-quality and prompt destruction of sovtol. We work without intermediaries and carry out disposal of hazardous waste on our own innovative equipment. The company works throughout the territory of Ukraine and offers its customers a full cycle of disposal of harmful substances: preparatory and loading operations, transportation, and consulting. You can get more detailed advice on the disposal of sovtol by calling or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.
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