Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Utilization of building materials

The benefits of recycling building materials are difficult to overestimate. The enormous saving of time and money will not be required to pay for a place at the landfill, intended for the burial of unnecessary building materials.

Why do you need recycling building materials

Of course, secondary raw materials can not be called a full-fledged building material. However, it is very cheap. That is why people who want to save, do not export this raw material to landfills, and recycle. Thanks to this approach to business, these building materials can be used again or simply sold.

  • It is prohibited by law to throw construction waste into garbage containers. This applies to both legal entities and individuals. Violators are fined, deprived of their licenses, their construction sites are stopped.
  • Utilization of building materials is a promising direction for companies related to the construction market. Cheap and high-quality materials, although they are secondary, are always in demand.
  • Industrial waste every year it becomes more and more. Their accumulation can adversely affect the health of each person. Therefore, competent processing of building materials and other garbage is the only way to avoid environmental catastrophe.

How is the processing of building materials

At the construction site after the dismantling of the facilities remain mostly brick and reinforced concrete. All waste is sorted using special equipment. Then large pieces are crushed or cut into smaller ones. For this purpose, hydraulic hammers, hydraulic shears and other special tools are used. Further construction debris is recycled by the crushing plant.

Modern complexes performing crushing and screening work are mobile. This allows you to quickly and competently carry out the processing of building materials immediately after dismantling. Crusher machines easily handle huge amounts of waste - up to 125 tons per hour.

In some cases, building materials are removed and disposed of in specially designated areas.

Where can I use recycled building materials

Unnecessary and interfering with all construction waste after disposal can bring considerable benefits. If it is processed correctly, then it can be used in the future for:

  • construction and repair of roads;
  • manufacturing new building materials;
  • create drainage;
  • Backfill of foundation pits and swamps;
  • raising the ground level;
  • seals of the road section with close groundwater;
  • decoration and construction of buildings;
  • receiving heat-insulating material;
  • production of various foams, etc.

"UtilVtorProm" offers cooperation

Our company optimizes your costs of transportation and recycling of building materials by recycling. Why do you need to spend money on garbage collection, if you can quickly recycle it right at the facility? Received recyclables you are free to dispose of as you wish. It can be started up on a new construction site or simply sold. The benefit is still obvious.

Cooperating with UtilVtorProm, you can be confident in the legitimate activities of the company. This is confirmed by the appropriate license. Having completed the work, we give you a full package of necessary documents.

Recycling of building materials is carried out by experienced professionals who are ready for long-term cooperation. At your service all the necessary equipment and vehicles, allowing you to complete your order quickly and inexpensively.

For more information, please call or mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com
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