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Utilization of microwave ovens microwave ovens

Microwave microwave oven - a useful device, which is now equipped kitchen the vast majority of the inhabitants of our country. Over time, this technique fails and it is usually just sent to landfill, thereby worsening the already not the best environmental situation. Proper disposal of the furnace will not harm the environment.

Why recycle Microwave Microwave?

A microwave oven is a technically sophisticated device consisting of plastic, glass, and metals. Also in the design may be present sealing elements of rubber and other materials. All these substances decompose quite badly under natural conditions, and the remains of heat-resistant tempered glass are traumatic. Also, electronic elements and some parts of microwave ovens may contain various chemical impurities and heavy metals, which are stored for a long time in the soil, accumulate in plants and animals, and are toxic to humans.

In addition, when disposing of a furnace from its design, a high-voltage transformer and motors that contain non-ferrous metals suitable for recycling can be obtained. The electronics of the device may contain traces of precious and rare earth metals, which can also be used as recyclable materials. Modern technology allows recycling and plastic. Thus, if not all microwaves, then their parts are of a certain value, thanks to the possibility of extracting valuable metals and other materials, using them for recycling.

What happens if the microwave is not disposed of?

In comparison with other household and industrial appliances, a microwave is one of the safest appliances, as, for example, kettle. Therefore, the harm from the microwave oven thrown out to the dump is not great. But only when it comes to isolated cases. Hundreds and thousands of these household appliances, emitted in large cities every day, pose a serious danger to the environment for the following reasons:

  • general environmental pollution by long-decomposing materials;
  • soil and water pollution with heavy metals and other elements (lead, mercury, tin, etc.);
  • chemical pollution of the environment (varnishes, paintsreagents, electrolyte, etc.);
  • the release of toxic substances during the combustion of plastic and rubber that are present in the structure.

Do not forget about the legislative aspects. Household appliances are not classified as solid household waste, and therefore just throw out a microwave or a vacuum cleaner in the trash can not: can be followed by penalties from the management company and / or the controlling organization.

Professional utilization of microwave ovens

Specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" offer household appliances utilization services. We undertake the solution of the whole range of tasks, ranging from the removal of microwave ovens, ending with their disassembly and recycling. Disposal of the furnace is carried out in accordance with the laws and applicable technical regulations. Our company has all the necessary documents and licenses for this type of activity.

To use the services of specialists "UtilVtorProm", to obtain detailed information and advice, please contact us by phone. You can also email our manager. utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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