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Smartphones, Mobile and home phones are devices that practically every citizen of our country uses today. Manufacturers regularly update the range, offering new gadgets with advanced features. So sometimes even absolutely working phones are sent to the shelf, and then to the trash can, not to mention the failed ones. At the same time, most owners forget (or simply do not know) that recycling phones is not only an environmental norm, but also a legal requirement.

What is the danger of the phone?

For a discarded phone you can get a fine, not to mention the damage caused to the environment. The fact is that the battery of the device works due to chemical reactions of oxidation and reduction. Therefore, the composition of the battery includes many active and potentially dangerous elements - alkali, halogens, heavy metals. They are capable of causing damage to the environment, as well as pollute it, forming various toxic compounds.

The danger of the phone is as follows:

  • Batteries of modern phones can explode when heated, interacting with water, change in pressure.
  • Cell phone and its battery are potentially flammable items.
  • AKB phones contain halogen compounds, alkali, toxic and rare earth metals, acid and other toxic compounds.
  • Electronic cards and telephone components are also a source of toxic elements and compounds.

In addition, the plastic casing and glass - materials that decompose very slowly in the natural environment, which also leads to its pollution. The tempered glass of the display is also a traumatic object.

Why recycle phones?

Recycling phones is a measure that can significantly reduce the environmental risk. First, while the numerous toxic elements of the gadget do not fall into the soil and groundwater. Secondly, many of its elements and materials are reusable. Modern recycling technologies allow to extract non-ferrous metals from electrical circuit boards and circuits, use plastic and glass cases. As a result, the need for new raw materials is reduced, and environmental pollution is reduced.

How are phones recycled?

Many digital hypermarkets, electronics stores conduct and actively support equipment recycling programs. Some offer members of such programs rewards in the form of small sums of money, discounts on purchases, scoring on loyalty programs, etc.

Electronics assembled in this way is sent to specialized enterprises. There, phone recycling is carried out in several stages:

  • Disassembly of phones for the selection of working components and components that can be used, for example, as "donor" parts.
  • Removing and removing batteries for safe disposal.
  • Neutralization of the battery and the extraction of toxic elements and compounds.
  • Disinfection and / or disposal of toxic waste (depending on their characteristics, composition).
  • Sort the remaining items and parts by materials.
  • Extraction of non-ferrous, precious and rare-earth metals from electronic circuit boards.
  • Grinding of dissimilar elements and parts that can not be disassembled.
  • Separation of glass, plastic, metal.
  • Recycling packaging and sending it to processing plants.

Thus, recycling phones is a complex multi-step process that requires the use of specialized equipment and the use of modern technology. Therefore, this procedure may be carried out only by licensed companies.

Utilization of phones in "UtilVtorProm"

Specialists "UtilVtorProm" offer services for the disposal of smartphones, home and mobile phones. We have many years of experience in this field and have all the necessary equipment and technologies for disinfecting telephones and components, as well as preparing them for recycling.

To get advice and use our services, please call or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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