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Recycling TVs

Televisions with modern LCD and LED-screens are confidently replacing CRT models. In this regard, every year thousands of old TV models are moved to a landfill, despite the fact that it is strictly prohibited to do this: outdated lamp products can cause significant harm to the environment. Proper disposal of televisions will help to avoid environmental pollution, poisoning of air, soil and groundwater with barium vapors, heavy metals, and also protect people from poisoning with them.

Is it necessary to dispose of televisions?

Utilization of television sets is regulated by the legal framework of Ukraine. Equipment that is out of order, outdated or not used for its intended purpose for other reasons, cannot be thrown into a common container with garbage, taken to landfill, solid waste or buried. All these actions can cause environmental pollution, poisoning of people and the whole ecosystem with toxic substances. For unauthorized actions with utilities, the violator faces administrative liability.

Advantages of recycling TVs:

  • allows you not to clutter up landfill dimensions devices, which are very slowly decomposed;
  • allows you to get a harmless secondary raw materials, which is used in many areas (after the analysis of equipment and sorting its components, the entire 20% is thrown out);
  • allows you to avoid toxic substances from the environment.

Order disposal of TVs can be in the company "UtilVtorProm."

How are televisions recycled?

Utilization of television sets is a rather complicated technological process that requires a lot of expenses, as well as specialized equipment and premises. All work is carried out in protective clothing, as some components of the utilities contain toxic fumes.

Technology recycling TVs consists of the following steps:

  • collection of equipment with subsequent transportation to the place of disposal (specialized sites or landfills);
  • TV disassembly into parts and their sorting;
  • separation of components that may contain toxic fumes;
  • detoxification of dangerous elements;
  • recycling;
  • destruction of unsuitable parts.

TVs can only be disposed of by specialized companies that have the appropriate license. At the same time, such organizations incur the full range of work on the disposal of raw materials, ranging from the removal of unsuitable equipment from a home or office to the design of the relevant documentation for completing the entire procedure. The customer can be sure that he did not violate the law, and his actions did not lead to environmental pollution.

Where do TVs get recycled?

You can order the disposal of old TVs in the company UtilVtorProm. We cooperate with individuals and legal entities: firms and industrial companies, service centers and shops selling household appliances, medical and educational institutions, other enterprises that need to get rid of unnecessary equipment.

To order the removal and disposal of televisions, call the numbers. You can also email us utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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