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Vaccine Disposal

Living unsuitable for use of vaccines can cause irreparable harm to both the environment and human health. They refer to medical waste class Bi.e. epidemiologically dangerous. Therefore, the disposal of vaccines should be carried out in accordance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements. In particular, sterilization of live vaccines is necessary, which will neutralize the effects of the drug.

Why do I need to dispose of vaccines?

Vaccines are microbiological preparations that are used to create immunity to diseases. Vaccines contain various microorganisms or their metabolic products. As a vaccine, made at a certain time and in the right way (intramuscularly, under the skin, etc.) such drugs are very useful. In other cases, they can cause significant harm.

Class B medical waste and vaccines in particular pose an epidemiological threat. Getting into the open air, harmful microorganisms spread rapidly, penetrate into the groundwater, and through them pollute rivers and water bodies. Unauthorized release or burial of vaccines can lead to the fact that the entire area for kilometers around will be contaminated and unfit for life.

Vaccine Disposal Rules

All live vaccines, which are not to be used, must be disposed of as medical waste of class B. All work on the transportation and disposal of vaccines should be carried out only by specialized companies that have the appropriate licenses.

Institutions that use vaccines should ensure proper collection of salvage materials. Store unsuitable live vaccines are allowed in sealed containers that prevent the ingress of water or moisture. This will not only protect the environment from harmful emissions, but also eliminate the risk of uncontrolled use of drugs.

Vaccine disposal requires compliance with a number of rules:

  • before destruction, live vaccines must be sterilized to neutralize their properties;
  • processing of drugs is allowed only in special conditions in compliance with all safety measures;
  • the choice of disinfector depends on the type of fluid, the nature of its action;
  • in addition to the disposal of the vaccine, the packaging in which the preparation was located is subject to mandatory destruction.

For disinfection of drugs can be used various methods - disinfection with chemicals, water vapor, pressure, high temperatures.

Punishment for not using vaccines

All medical waste that belongs to class B is potentially dangerous, as it can provoke epidemics. In this regard, the disposal of vaccines are carefully monitored. In the event that the offender decides to ignore the established norms, he will incur an administrative penalty. For legal entities, this is not only a serious fine, but also a temporary suspension of the company's activities.

Vaccine Disposal in UtilVtorProm

By contacting UtilVtorProm, you can avoid such consequences. We provide safe services vaccine recycling and other medical waste (from their collection and transportation to decontamination and destruction).

Our advantages are:

  • qualified staff;
  • licensed work;
  • reasonable prices;
  • availability of its own material and technical base (special equipment, equipment, recycling technology).

For more advice, clarification of the details of cooperation, call the company. You can also write to e-mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com. The manager will answer all your questions and help with ordering.

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