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Recycling waste - a process divided into several stages. The procedure for processing tissue waste depends on the type of material, type and degree of contamination. Rags - cloth wiping material used in manufacturing to clean parts of equipment, remove contaminants, grease residues, industrial oils, chips, moisture. Wiping materials belong to the category of oily waste that must be counted and disposed of.

What is dangerous old rags

Waste and worn out cleaning materials are usually stored on the premises. It takes up production space. But in addition to littering, waste waste is a danger to the environment. In the process of use, the fabric is moistened with detergents and solvents that contain and release harmful reagents into the air and soil. In addition, the accumulation of rags soaked in oils and flammable substances is a threat from the point of view of fire safety. It is highly flammable.

The hazard class of waste depends on the type of activity of the enterprise, the degree of content of oils and combustible substances in the fabric. The most dangerous are cleaning materials after use at oil refineries and engineering companies. At the degree of impregnation with industrial oils up to 15% of waste, 4 class is assigned, above 15% - 3 class of danger.

At each enterprise and production, a record of cleaning materials is kept, which begins with the purchase and posting of waste. After use, waste is discarded. Storage of used materials requires compliance with a number of rules. This is a special sealed container, premises or fenced area, protected from direct sunlight, away from electrical equipment and heated appliances.

Used cleaning materials cannot:

  • reuse;
  • store without containers and in open areas;
  • dispose of in a landfill or dispose of in garbage bins;
  • burn yourself as usual trash.

Collection, storage and disposal of oiled cleaning materials have a deadline due to the danger of spontaneous combustion. According to the rules of fire safety in enterprises, large accumulations and long-term storage of rags are prohibited and may be punished with administrative penalties.

How is the disposal of waste

The disposal of 3-4 class waste must be handled by licensed enterprises with transport and production facilities for processing and disposal of industrial waste. According to the legislation of Ukraine, the company must hand over the rags for processing by a certified company.

Recycling waste requires compliance with safety regulations at all stages of transportation and processing. Cleaning materials can not be transported in an open transport, so the process begins with the delivery to the place of disposal. After receiving the rags are loaded in sealed containers in covered trucks, all containers are tightly fixed to eliminate the risk of falling out of the body.

There are two types of rag processing:

  1. Waste disposal - destruction of oiled cleaning materials by burning in special closed ovens at high temperatures 700-1000 degrees. This method is the most environmentally friendly. The ash is unloaded from the furnace and buried.
  2. Waste recycling is the process of loosening and regenerating tissue waste with subsequent use as a secondary raw material. This method is used for waste garment production, for example, textile recycling.

"UtilVtorProm" - a licensed company that deals with the disposal and recycling of waste of all types and categories. We provide the entire recycling process - from transportation to complete destruction or recycling. All waste is certified, customers receive recycling documents.

Any questions, please call or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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