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Utilization of water heaters

Disposal of the water heater in modern society is becoming a necessary measure to get rid of the inoperative apparatus. Electric boilers are rapidly entering our lives, providing comfort and coziness in dwellings, production and service premises.

A failed water heater without the subsequent possibility of its recovery must be disposed of. Recycling specialists start a set of activities immediately after the client requests. Works are performed on the basis of the available license.

The relevance of water heater utilization services

Parsing into small units and utilization of electric tap water heaters is rapidly increasing every day. The following categories of customers apply to such services of specialized recycling companies:

  • manufacturers of large household appliances;
  • service centers for the repair of household appliances;
  • utility companies;
  • private individuals.

Water heaters that are not subject to repair and further operation must be properly disposed of.

Rules and sequence of measures for the dismantling, transportation and disposal of water heaters

Dismantling, transportation and disposal of the water heater have some peculiarities depending on the following characteristics of the damaged machine:

  • masses;
  • the presence of ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  • availability of plastic, rubber, glass spare parts;
  • the presence of residual water in the tank;
  • installation accessibility.

Analysis of high-capacity water heaters for parts that are heavy, is accompanied by a specialist utilization service. Further (in accordance with the rules of SanPiN) waste is placed in containers and transported to the place of final disposal on the company's vehicle.

Fragments of the apparatus are sent to the smelter. Spare parts that are not recyclable are disposed of in furnaces at high temperatures.

Responsibility for the refusal to dispose of electric boilers that are unsuitable for further operation, rests with the management of the company or individuals, owners of appliances. It is unacceptable to get rid of non-working water heaters, sending them to natural landfills and landfills, which are intended for domestic waste.

After the dismantling and removal of lots of waste water heaters from the territory of enterprises, the information is recorded in a special journal. It is kept by persons who are responsible for industrial safety. The journal is checked by the internal services of the enterprise and the inspector of the sanitary-epidemiological service.

The need for recycling water heaters

Modern electrical appliances (air conditioners, dishwashers) have a sufficiently long service life. When the time comes for equipment failure, and the cost of restoring components exceeds the cost of acquiring a new device, the decision is made to dispose of it.

The price list for recycling water heaters is provided by the company's inspector after leaving the site and inspecting an unusable appliance. The cost of the service may include disassembling the device and then disassembling it into separate units.

To order a water heater recycling service at UtilVtorProm at a manufacturing plant or in a private house building, just contact the phone manager. You can also send an application with your contact information to the e-mail address. utilvtorprom@gmail.com. The option of self-dismantling and transportation of a broken boiler to the company for final disposal is allowed.

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