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Recycling Pesticides

Toxic chemicals are a large group of synthetic substances used in the chemical, agricultural, food industry. Unlike natural compounds, such substances are not subject to natural biodegradation, therefore, the disposal of pesticides is an urgent task for many enterprises operating in the above areas.

The influence of pesticides on the environment

There is a huge amount of toxic substances - toxic chemicals - containing chlorine, phosphorus, heavy metals and alkaloids. All of them are very dangerous for the environment because of their ability to accumulate in the soil and get into water and atmospheric air from there. In addition, pesticides are retained in plants and the body of birds, fish and animals, including those that are used by man for food.

Allergic reactions, respiratory diseases, skin diseases, poisoning, and some other disorders (both physiological and mental), caused by prolonged exposure to toxins, result from exposure to pesticides on the human body.

Pesticide pollution

Most pesticides are very persistent chemical compounds that do not decompose, but accumulate in the soil, groundwater, and plants, causing infections in birds, animals, and humans. Due to the high toxicity of these substances and the long decay time, storage of toxic chemicals is impossible and prohibited by law.

The main danger is that it is almost impossible to completely isolate toxic substances from the environment. Even concrete sarcophagi, used for burial some time ago, today are falling into disrepair and are destroyed, which leads to soil pollution, water, air, death of plants and animals, poisoning and diseases of people living near the burial sites.

The only solution to the problem of environmental pollution is the timely disposal of toxic substances and waste products, as well as the extraction and processing of previously buried toxic chemicals.

Modern methods of disposal of pesticides

Today there are several widely used methods for the destruction of pesticides. Depending on the type of toxic substances to be disposed of, one or another method is used.

Efficient recycling technologies:

  • Burning. High-temperature exposure (1200С and higher) with subsequent rapid cooling and filtration of combustion products allows to destroy almost all toxic chemicals with a low content of toxic impurities.
  • Chemical decomposition. Exposure to chlorine and other active compounds is used to destroy some hazardous chemicals. The resulting less toxic waste is disposed of in other ways. So performed ammonia utilization.
  • Biological decomposition. Under the influence of certain types of excreted bacteria and microorganisms, many toxic chemicals can be decomposed into non-hazardous organic and inorganic compounds.

The method of natural decomposition when preserved in containers today is practically not used because of its high cost and the need to construct special insulated stores.

Professional disposal of toxic chemicals

LLC "UtilVtorProm" offers organizations and enterprises services for the disposal of toxic pesticides. Acting strictly in accordance with the legislation and technical regulations, we guarantee complete environmental safety of the process. The company assumes all work on the transportation, sorting, preparation and disposal of toxic substances.

For more detailed information on the cost of work and clarification of the terms of cooperation, as well as for the conclusion of the contract and the order of services, please contact us by phone or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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