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Utilization and processing of ash and slag, ash, coal and ash dumps

By volume and quantity, ash and slags from burning solid fuels - one of the most common types of industrial waste. Various factories, utilities, thermal power plants and other enterprises that use coal as their primary fuel produce up to one million tons of ash and slag waste each year. Therefore, recycling of ash and slag is a problem that is relevant today.

What are the hazards of ash and slag?

Many enterprises store coal burning residues, forming the so-called ash dumps. Since the amount of ash and slag waste is quite large, this practice leads to pollution of land and territories that can be used for agricultural and other needs. In addition, the composition of ash and slag includes compounds and salts of various metals, which are able to accumulate in the soil, to penetrate from it into the groundwater.

Storage of ash and slag without their disposal has the following consequences:

  • Acidification of potentially suitable for agricultural needs of the soil.
  • Contamination of soil and groundwater with toxic elements, which are formed after the combustion of coal.
  • Air pollution with small volatile ash and slag fractions.
  • Radioactive background created by large volumes of ash and slag.

Do not forget about the legislation, which provides for penalties for violation of environmental regulations relating to and disposal industrial wasteincluding ash and slag.

How is ash and slag disposed of?

Specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" offer services for the disposal of ash and slag. We have all the necessary equipment and technology. There are five main areas in which ash and slag can be used as recyclable materials:

  • Production of building materials (bricks, ceramic blocks, cement and concrete).
  • Road construction. Ash slags are used as a filler when laying the roadway.
  • Extraction of metals. Ash and slag contains a large amount of aluminum and rare earth metals, which can be used in electronics, aircraft industry, mechanical engineering.
  • Creation of inert aggregates that are used in construction, when pouring concrete and in other industrial fields.
  • Use as a soil stabilizer in agriculture.

Work on the recycling of ash and slag not only reduces the environmental burden on the environment, but can also bring industrial benefits, and in some cases profit.

Professional disposal of ash and slag

Specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" are ready to undertake the solution of all tasks that are associated with the collection and processing of ash and slag waste accumulated at the enterprises and specially designated landfills. We offer a full range of services, ranging from the collection and removal of waste, ending with their preparation for recycling. Depending on the composition and characteristics of ash and slag, we also perform their neutralization in order to eliminate environmental hazards to the environment during storage, transportation and processing.

Our company has all permits and a license to carry out this kind of work, and therefore it operates exclusively within the legal framework. To get more information and use our services, please call or email us utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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