Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Transportation of hazardous waste throughout Ukraine

Before transporting hazardous wastes, you must determine their hazardous properties and hazard class

The following hazards are distinguished:

  • Highly flammable,
  • flammability,
  • samovosplamenimost,
  • spontaneous reactions (polymerization),
  • hazardous reaction with water or other substances,
  • explosiveness,
  • increased toxicity, health hazards,
  • corrosive, corrosive action
  • poisonous gases during combustion,
  • threat to water resources
  • Gas pressure
  • radioactivity,
  • inertness
  • danger of infection,
  • High temperature, etc.

The classification, which provides for the division into classes of dangerous goods (hazard classes) was carried out according to the recommendations of the UN for the dangerous goods:

  • I class - extremely hazardous
  • Class II - highly
  • Class III - moderately hazardous
  • Class IV - low hazard
  • V class - virtually harmless

Hazardous loads each class according to their physico-chemical properties, types and degrees of danger during transportation divided into subclasses, categories and groups.

Documents on the right to transport hazardous waste

The transportation of waste which is carried out by UtilVtorProm company is carried out exclusively in compliance with the current standards of operations in the field of transportation of hazardous waste and is strictly regulated by the issued License of the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety (Ukrtransbezpeka) according to the number of 624 solution from 27.06.2017 for the transportation of hazardous waste - entry in the Unified State Register of legal entities, individuals - entrepreneurs and public formations about the decision of the licensing authority that the business entity has the right to carrying out activities for the transport of dangerous goods and waste in Ukraine.

It's important

    • A transport license is issued only by Ukrtrans-safety (the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety);
    • The transport license is issued by Ukrtransbezopasonstvo in electronic form (entry of a record on the decision in the licensee's EDR) with the possibility of providing the relevant extract on the application of the licensee;

Packaging and packing requirements

Packaging should be strong, serviceable, completely exclude leakage and spillage of cargo, to ensure its safety and security of transportation. The materials making up the packaging, must be inert with respect to content.

Dangerous goods which emit flammable, toxic, caustic, corrosive gases or vapors, loads which become explosive when dry or may dangerously react with air and moisture, as well as loads that have oxidizing properties, must be packed in hermetically (provide impermeability gases, vapors and liquids).

Dangerous goods in glass containers should be packed in strong boxes (wooden, polymer, metal) with free space filling with appropriate non-combustible cushioning and absorbent materials. Cargo in small packaging, carried as non-hazardous, is allowed to be packed in corrugated cardboard boxes. Boxes must have shells, liners, bulkheads, grilles, gaskets, shock absorbers. The walls of the boxes should be higher than the corked bottles and cans on 5 cm. When shipped by small shipments, dangerous goods in glass containers should be packed in heavy wooden boxes with lids.

Dangerous goods in metal or plastic jars, cans and cans must be further packed in wooden boxes or crates.

Dangerous goods in bags and boxes made of corrugated cardboard, if such a package is provided standards or specifications for the products must be transported carload shipments. When transporting small shipments dangerous goods in bags should be packaged in a rigid transport container (plywood or metal drums, barrels, wooden or metal crates).

When presented for transportation of liquid dangerous goods, the container must be filled to the norm established by the standards or technical specifications for this product.

Joint packing in one cargo space is allowed only for those dangerous goods that are authorized for joint transportation in one vehicle. In this case, each substance is packaged separately in accordance with the standards or specifications for this substance. Packed substances are placed in a dense wooden box with nests. The bottom of the box, the free gaps in the sockets, and the free space under the lid are filled with a suitable soft non-flammable packaging material. The drawer is firmly closed with a lid. The gross weight of such a place should not exceed 50 kg. All co-packaged substances should be named in the consignment note indicating the mass of each substance. Dangerous goods authorized for carriage in containers must be packed in a similar manner.

Waste must be packed in such packaging / packaging in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation.

Waste should be packaged in such a container / package - boxes, boxes, pallets or bags that ensure the safety of waste during transportation, as well as prevent their penetration into the environment. If there are several types of waste in one unit of packaging / packaging, names of one waste group, the Customer ensures the availability of a packing list, which indicates the content of this packaging / packaging, indicating the Customer’s signature and seal.

Fluorescent lamps and other mercury-filled lamps should be with whole bulbs, with multi-row packing transferred with horizontal and end cardboard gaskets, and packaged by the Customer in factory or similar packaging, standard corrugated cardboard packaging. Lamps must be enclosed in a box in 5 rows of 5 lamps in each row, the box must be sealed with adhesive tape (tape) or tied with a rope in such a way as to exclude the possibility of falling out of lamps in it. Shipping container should ensure the safety of lamps during transportation. When transporting fluorescent lamps containing mercury, it is necessary to ensure that the seats are enclosed in the correct rows in order to avoid damage to the container on the way. Reception and transportation of lamps without appropriate packaging is strictly prohibited.

Waste contaminated with petroleum products and used automobile filters should be in bags or cardboard boxes. Reception of waste in bulk is not made. Container / packaging in which this waste is packed is not returned.

Spent fuels and lubricants are taken in barrels, closed so that during transportation to prevent spills. Barrels must be marked, the container is not returned.
The level of filling of containers (drums) with liquid, viscous waste should not exceed 80% of the tare volume.
Clinical and similar wastes should be packed by the Customer in transparent plastic bags, in which waste is clearly visible, or in containers with the possibility of hermetic clogging, which must be tied with a rope so as to prevent loss of wastes contained in them. Sharp tools should be placed in a tight sealed package.
Pallets, which received waste, is non-returnable packaging or returned by the Customer on its own and at its own expense. Shipping containers, including boxes and boxes, are non-refundable.

We guarantee fast and high-quality waste disposal at affordable prices.

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