Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine


Regional managers to work with clients

  • Kharkiv
  • Dnieper
  • Zaporozhye
  • Ternopol
  • Smooth
  • Sumy
  • Mariupol
  • Uzhgorod
  • Poltava
  • Herson
  • Mykolaiv

We offer:

  • Teamwork UtilVtorProm
  • official employment;
  • training;
  • Time 9: 00-18: 00;
  • mobile payment;
  • / p: +% rate;
  • timely pay.


  • men / women 21-45 years;
  • completed higher education (we are considering graduates);
  • PC ownership at the level of advanced user;
  • knowledge 1S Accounting (desirable);
  • competent knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​(oral, written);
  • The accumulated customer base (a plus).


  • work with existing customers and finding new ones;
  • contracts for waste disposal;
  • transport organization;
  • full documentary support of the client.

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Waste Management Company - UtilVtorProm jobs


  • Ravens Felix
    May 29, 2022, 15:15
    Hello. Found this site through a search. We decided to apply here, because the availability of licenses is important. Thank you for efficiency. And separately to the manager of the company Mikhail. All work was exactly as agreed. Thank you. Very satisfied with the work.


  • Krylov Vitaly
    06 June 2022, 16:15
    It is quite difficult to find reliable contractors. For reporting, you must have a license for waste disposal. Everyone would like such a level of service as here. Very satisfied with the work. There is no point in looking for another recycling partner.


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