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About us

UtilVtorProm is a reliable partner in the field of waste management and environmental services for enterprises.

The main objective of the company - to maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding environment for the environmentally safe and comfortable stay.

The company owns a modern high-tech industrial complex for processing and disposal (recycling) of hazard class 1-4, which allows for environmentally safe disposal of waste that cannot be disposed of and disposed of at landfills. This production complex meets all environmental and sanitary standards of Ukraine, the requirements of the European Union Directive 76 / 2000. What in turn is confirmed by the documents:

License of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine according to the number of 336 solution from 12.09.2016 for the treatment of hazardous waste

The license of the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety (Ukrtransbzepka) by the number of the decision 624 from 27.06.2017 for the transport of hazardous waste

License for the right to carry out economic activities on the treatment of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors

The certificate of production of the enterprise for the disposal and destruction of decommissioned low-quality hazardous products number №UA.OD.AI 0006-21 from 08.02.2021.

The certificate of production of the enterprise for decontamination and processing of containers contaminated by pesticides and agrochemicals number №UA.OD.AI 0005-21 from 04.02.2021.

Certificate for the environmental management system ISO 14001

Certificate for the quality management system ISO 9001

Certificate for health and safety management system at the enterprise ISO 45001


The advantages of cooperation with the company "UtilVtorProm":

✔ High quality of provided services;
✔ 100% guaranteed performance of contractual obligations;
✔ Individual approach to each client in solving any environmental issues;
✔ Loyalty and flexibility in pricing;
✔ Prompt provision of all necessary documentation, in any convenient way for the client.

Timely removal of waste from the territory of partner companies guarantees the availability of a specialized fleet. All vehicles are licensed and are specially equipped for the transport of waste of any class of danger. The advantage of the company is the provision of transport services throughout Ukraine.

All work is carried out in compliance with the existing rules of operation in the field of hazardous waste management, accompanied by the appropriate documentation and provides the Executive responsible to the regulatory authorities. Services are supported by appropriate documentation required for submission to the supervisory bodies, namely, environmental inspection, tax inspection, SES, during their respective audits.

We offer you a high level of service, efficient and favorable conditions for cooperation, efficiency and 100% fulfillment of contractual obligations


Values ​​of the company "WilVtorProm":

✔ Improve and perfect the work in the interests of our customers;
✔ Compliance services provided all the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine;
✔ Trust relationship with our customers and partners;
✔ Security business;
✔ Long-term cooperation.

Advantages of working with us

We provide a full range of services in the field of hazardous waste, including the collection, transport, storage, treatment and disposal

We are a direct heat exchanger. We have the latest specialized equipment and modern production complex;

We work all over Ukraine

Timely provide the full package of documents in any convenient way for you;

We offer an opportunity to be present during recycling;

We guarantee results.

We are committed to the development of market services in processing and waste management, Formed as a result of activity of the enterprises of Ukraine

The most effective and balanced way of collecting, transporting, storage and disposal of hazardous waste, formed on the territory of Ukraine

Operative, with a high degree of reliability, the performance of long-term contracts

The cost of providing services for the removal and disposal of waste for each customer is calculated individually, because it depends on many parameters

Our team

The scientific and methodological base of the enterprise is supported by the best experts in the industry. Now the company includes regional centers that extend the activities of the enterprise to the whole territory of Ukraine. Every day, employees of the company take about 40 applications for waste disposal enterprises.

The experience and capabilities of our enterprise allow to continuously improve the quality and expand the range of our services

Successful combination of practical experience and theoretical knowledge of the company's employees allows the client to receive consulting services for handling and processing waste

All works are carried out in compliance with the current norms for conducting operations in the field of handling hazardous wastes of I-IV hazard classes, accompanied by appropriate documentation in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and provides for our company's liability to state control authorities.

Individual approach. For each customer is assigned a personal manager who helps in all matters, and develops a logistics department of export of individual schedules.

Tips for choosing a company for waste management and environmental services company

Make sure that the contractor has a production base of services and the necessary equipment that is in working condition;

Check the availability and validity of the license for handling hazardous waste and the types of waste specified in the license;
With a list of licensees for the management of hazardous waste you can find on the website of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine menr.gov.ua
Follow the link: Home / Business / Permits and Licenses / Licensed Register (hazardous waste handling) menr.gov.ua/...hodami.html

Check the availability and validity of a license for the transport of hazardous waste
The list of licensees for handling hazardous wastes can be found on the website of the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety dsbt.gov.ua
Follow the link: Home / Legislation / Orders of the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety dsbt.gov.ua/...zalyshennya-0#Dodatok2

The contract for waste disposal to include an item that full responsibility for the further treatment of the waste takes the performer.

Please note that business entities are exempted from paying an environmental tax for the generation and disposal of waste, subject to the conclusion of a contract for the disposal or destruction of waste with a specialized organization.

Recycling technology

Selection of technology for the disposal and recycling of waste is made in accordance with the characteristics of origin, physical state and hazard class of waste. Recycling may or may not include processing (eng. Processing; treatment) - an activity aimed at changing the physical, chemical or biological state of the waste to ensure subsequent work on waste management. A variety of waste materials are processed, including glass, paper, aluminum, asphalt, iron, fabrics, various types of plastic and organic waste. Under the waste (from the Latin. Utilis - useful) refers to the use of waste at different stages of their technological cycle, the possibility of ensuring the reuse or recycling of waste and end-of-life or rejected products. In the design of modern products consider its utilizability - a set of indicators to ensure effective disposal of waste generated during its production and operation and after withdrawal from circulation. Thus, the concepts of recycling and recycling overlap. So, recycling may include recycling in terms of recycling, and recycling may include recycling when it is technically possible, technologically necessary or required by law. On the other hand, recycling does not consider recycling where waste can be used in products directly, without recycling. According to some experts, in addition to secondary resources and waste production and consumption, recycling also subject to resources that are not directly used. Particular attention is paid to the safety of the processes of collection, transportation, storage and further disposal of waste of I-IV hazard class. We conduct an adequate pricing policy, thanks to which we were able to gain the trust of numerous customers.

actions aimed at preventing the generation of waste, its collection, transportation, storage, treatment, disposal, disposal, disposal and disposal, including monitoring these operations and supervising disposal sites

Carrying out any technological operations related to changes in the physical, chemical or biological properties of the waste, with a view to preparing them for environmentally safe storage, transportation, disposal or disposal.

use of waste as secondary material or energy resources.

Implementation of operations with waste that do not lead to their disposal.

Reduction or elimination of the hazard of waste by mechanical, physicochemical or biological treatment.

The final disposal of waste when it is disposed of in designated areas or at facilities in such a way that the long-term adverse effects of waste on the environment and human health do not exceed the established standards.

Storage and disposal of waste in specially designated places or facilities.

treatment of waste to harmless to humans, animals, plants, environmental concentrations, either a sealed disposal of those wastes that can not be processed

formation of solid particles (granules) of certain dimensions and shapes with desired properties for further processing or disposal.

It occurs under high temperatures in the absence of oxygen and other factors

is different separation processes mixed volume of heterogeneous particles, mixtures of different density liquids, emulsions, solids, slurries, solid particles or droplets in the gas

removal of mercury and its compounds by chemical or physico-mechanical methods to avoid poisoning of people and animals.

Line crushing, washing, drying and granulating container

line It is intended for crushing, washing, drying and granulation of packaging and packaging from hazardous chemicals. This is a line of equipment for plastic processing. The complex is designed for washing and crushing, as a rule, contaminated material. At the exit from the complex, dry, pure polymeric materials are obtained, suitable for recycling.

High-temperature thermal

Installation for thermal destruction of waste - exposes the waste to heat treatment at temperatures from 600 to 1300 degrees Thermal recycling — It is a modern waste-free recycling technology that contributes to the most rational use of natural resources. Such waste management technology, namely, disposal of hazardous waste by high-temperature incineration in a furnace of a special design, with afterburning and purification of the resulting gases, is recommended for use in Europe as the best thermal disposal technology for hazardous waste and complies with European Directive 2000 / 76, which strictly regulates the technology hazardous waste incineration.

Station neutralization of acids and alkalis

Produces neutralization of acids, acid solutions, metal pickling waste, electrolytes, alkalis. This unit in the course of its work uses various methods of separation "methods of purification of substances": The method of sedimentation - to separate mixtures of water-insoluble solids with different densities. Filtration of mixtures - made using various filters and funnels. Some mixtures can be separated using the “hot filtration” method Distillation - using this method, the components that are soluble in each other are separated under the influence of temperatures. Adsorption is the method of accumulation of one substance on the surface of another substance. Separation or neutralization of any of the substances based on the knowledge of the differences in the properties of its constituent components.

Installation for recycling waste containing mercury

Installation designed for thermal demercurisation *, the removal of mercury from:
fluorescent lamps of all types, as well as burners high-pressure mercury lamps such as DRL
Demercurization — removal of mercury and its compounds by chemical or physico-mechanical methods to avoid poisoning of people and animals.

Technological process of waste disposal on the complex for thermal destruction
can be described as follows

After acceptance to the warehouse, control weighing and appropriate labeling, the waste enters the production complex. After that, solid waste is shredded with a shredder. Liquid waste is pre-mixed with chips (small fractional solid fuels). Subsequently, the waste is loaded into the bunker of the automatic feeding system and due to the translational movements through the hatch with the help of the pusher, it directly enters the upper gas generation chamber (firebox) of the installation. The upper gas generation chamber of the installation is preheated to the temperature of 800-900 ° С and works with a lack of oxygen. In such conditions, the waste decomposes and produces synthesis gas (combustible gas), which due to the vacuum created by the exhaust fan, enters the lower chamber of the installation, where, subject to the presence of additional air, it flashes and burns in a turbulent flow at a temperature of about 1300 ° C.

Gases that escape (combustion products of synthesis gas), under the influence of rarefaction, are sent to the combustion chamber of gases, in which the substances formed in the process of gasification of waste are burnt. Thus, the oxidation of the products of thermal decomposition takes place. The gas-dust stream, through a dry filter, is sent to a scrubber where it is cleaned of fine dust and discharged to the atmosphere through a chimney. The ash-and-slag mixture is removed from the working chambers of the installation as it accumulates in the working chambers in the automatic mode and enters the storage hopper. The class of danger of the ash and slag mixture belongs to the IV class - low-risk, which allows placing it in an open area in metal containers and, as it accumulates, being transported to a landfill for the disposal of solid waste. This waste management technology, namely the disposal of hazardous waste by the high-temperature combustion method in a special design furnace, with afterburning and purification of the generated gases, is recommended for use in Europe as the best technology for the thermal utilization of hazardous waste and complies with the European Union Directive 2000 / 76, which strictly regulates the technology incineration of hazardous waste.

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  • Kulakov Gordey
    May 27, 2022, 17:45
    Thank you. It's pleasure to work with you. There was a choice between this company and another. We settled on this one and were not disappointed. Convenient and easy to operate. A reliable company you can vouch for.


  • Andreeva Natalia
    02 June 2022, 12:00
    Ordered waste disposal last year. The choice was obvious, because we need a partner with all permits. A rare case of a quality approach to work. Thank you for your cooperation. Not ashamed to recommend.


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